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Television personality Christina Cha

By Ryan Meehan

Christina Cha is the most interesting contestant to come from CBS’ hit reality show Survivor: One World.  Recognized by Jeff Probst as one of the smartest players of the game, Cha left audiences scratching their heads with her quietly strategic game playing.  Considered by most of her fellow contestants as the least likely to win, she outplayed 12 of them and made it to the Final Four.  She will most likely be remembered on the show for her feisty response at the first Tribal Council meeting when telling one of her tribe mates to “SHUT UP!”  With a lifelong interest in current events and culture, Cha feeds her passions as a food and lifestyle writer for several publications, including Hollywood Today, Daily Food & Wine, Metropolitan Reports, and West 405, among others.  She continues writing and is adding television hosting duties to her already busy schedule.   From a military family with a brother currently serving in the U.S. Air Force, and a sister and brother-in-law who served in the war in Afghanistan, supporting the military is something very near and dear to Cha’s heart.  She frequently gives her time to military charities as her way of saying thank you, and she’s our guest today in 5 Questions. 

FOH:  I’ve read a lot of TV reviews that say you were by far the most interesting contestant on Survivor:  One World, but that you didn’t win.  Do you think that says anything about reality television in general and how it’s maybe not as real as people think it is?  
CC:  Survivor is the pioneer of Reality TV. It is as “REAL” as reality gets. That being said, it can be edited in any shape or form in order to tell a compelling story to capture the audience’s attention. I seriously felt my edit on Survivor was extremely choppy and showed very little of who I am. The only time people got a chance to see the “REAL” Christina Cha was during episode 1, when I lost my temper at the first tribal council with Alicia and at episode 6 where I showed compassion and care for Colton after the cruel things he said about me.  But as far as far from reality, I would say you get a sheer glimpse of what each individual is like in 3 days of taping that’s compressed into a 40 minute segment.  So there is some level of “TRUE” Reality and some level of what you see that’s called selective EDITING. I know who I am as a person and I also know I was playing a game to win a million dollars. There were times when I didn’t act like I would normally, where I had to down play my strong personality and adapt and save myself from getting voting off. It wasn’t that I wasn’t aware what was happening in my surroundings. I knew exactly what was going on. You don’t make it to the Final Four as a clueless player. I didn’t stand a chance to win from Day 1 in the game. No one wanted me to win, which is why my name came up countless times during Tribal Council.  So I had to downplay my strong personality and basically “SHUT UP!” in order to survive, Survivor.

FOH:  Did you receive a lot of modeling offers after that show concluded?  
CC:  Modeling offers?  Ha!  I would say there are a few offers and opportunities that have arose from Survivor.  But I’ve been modeling off and on since I was in college.  We will see…
FOH:  If you could have any job in Hollywood right now what would it be?  How well do you think you would do?  
CC:  I would love to have a travel and food adventure show and interview unique characters around the world. I love people, food, and learning about new cultures. I am also a goofball and a major adrenaline junkie.  I love to have fun where ever I go.
FOH:  Have you ever considered a career in standup or are you basically interested in television work?  
CC:  I would love to do standup comedy! I just need to work on my material and my beats. But I am great with improv. It’s not an easy thing to do because you are put on the spot in front of live audience. I think my best interest and work would be on television. Only because I can I see myself laughing in between jokes. At least in TV filming you can cut and edit my some of laughing and spontaneous random outbursts I may pull.

FOH:  What do you have planned for the next twelve months?   
CC:  I am still a Lifestyle Journalist … I’m still doing that, but I’m in talks about hosting a Travel Adventure show.  In addition, I am continuing my blogging and have few projects in the pipeline.  We will see what will happen!!!  I feel really good about the future!
Official Website:  www.christina-cha.com

Christina on Twitter:  @christina_cha

Christina on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/ChristinaCha82 

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