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Comedian Doug Benson

by Ryan Meehan
As stated yesterday in our latest installment of FOH’s First Listen, comedian Doug Benson is exactly what you’re looking for in a counterculture comedian.  His film “Super High Me” is the standard by which all future documentaries about getting ripped will be judged, and his new double album “Smug Life” is set to hit stores July 3rd.  His podcast “Doug Loves Movies” is essential listening for anyone that shares a similar adoration for film, and it should be noted that he once put Larry David in a headlock on an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.  Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of your neighborhood head shop you are almost guaranteed to run across Doug Benson’s standup work at some point or another, and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have him as our guest today in 5 Questions.   

FOH:  Your new CD “Smug Life” is a double album, one disc “Cooked” and the other “Uncooked”.  What is the biggest difference, aside from the obvious? 
DB:  They are shockingly similar, actually.  Except there’s a bit more rambling digressions on the “Cooked” disc, of course.


“Cooked” during Rhapsody interview at SXSW in ’10

FOH:  “Doug Loves Movies” is one of just under eleven billion comedy podcasts available on iTunes.  With so little free time, how can I be sure choosing to download your show is the right decision?  
DB:  Podcasts aren’t for your free time.  That’s when you should go outside and do something with other people.  Podcasts are for folks with boring desk jobs, or long commutes.  It’s something to get you through other things.  So check it out the next time you’re sitting in traffic.  And who knows?  Maybe you’ll like it so much that you listen to it during your precious free time.
FOH:  You seem to be a very outspoken advocate for cannabis use.  Out of all of the things that you have learned about cannabis, which has been the most shocking and/or revealing? 
DB:  That most people have smoked or will smoke in their lifetime.  What else is illegal and yet most people have done it?  Your kids are going to try it at some point.  Do you want them going to jail for something that even the last three Presidents of this country have admitted to trying?  No.  Unless you’re one of those tough love types.


Benson in a Purple Haze

FOH:  Which actor would you want to play the lead role in a film about your life?  Why?

DB:  Dakota Fanning.  Because a movie about my life would be pretty weird. So why not go ahead and make it really weird?  Ha. 


Makes Perfect Sense

FOH:  What can we expect from Doug Benson in the twelve months that follow?  

DB:  More podcasts, like my new one, Dining With Doug and Karen, where I have a meal with my friend Karen Anderson, and a new documentary, called “The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled”.  And I’ll be recording a new album on April 20, 2013. Thinking about calling it Gateway Doug.  Because listening to my album could lead you to other things.  Like my podcasts and my movies. 

Make sure to pick up Doug’s CD when it comes out on July 3rd, and don’t forget to check out the links below for Bensonian humor. 


I can’t really think of a Marquee caption for this photograph

Doug on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/DougBenson

Doug’s podcast:  http://www.douglovesmovies.com

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