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Comedian Nikki Glaser

by Ryan Meehan

After graduating from college with a worthless degree in English, Nikki moved to Los Angeles and began touring clubs and colleges across the country.  In the summer of 2007, she was invited to perform at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada. There, she met and performed with her comedy idols, drank alcoholic beverages, and thus lost her phone upwards of three times.  In 2009, Nikki made her first late night appearance as a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. There, she had fun and stole a beer from The Office’s Rainn Wilson’s dressing room, but not before calling him “Dwight” on live television when she sat down on the couch next to Leno’s desk.  Nikki was also recently selected as one of the top ten emerging Comics by Askmen.com, and she’s also our guest this week in 5 Questions. 

FOH:  How did you get your start doing comedy?

NG: My freshman year of college, I had a lot of friends who kept telling me I should try stand up.  I had never really watched it before and as soon as I did, it seemed like something I wanted to try.  I wrote some jokes, performed at a talent show on campus, and knew it’s what I wanted to do forever.  I tried convincing my dad to let me drop out and pursue stand-up full-time, but he suggested I check out the comedy club in St. Louis (my hometown) during summer break.  I signed up for a comedy class there, started doing open mics and just went from there.


Glaser on stage

FOH:  The DVD is called “An Ode to the Art and Occupational Hazards of Standup Comedy”.   Other than having to answer questions for a website that inaccurately predicts the outcomes of NFL games, what are some of those occupational hazards?

NG:  Working for free, staying in shit hole condos or motels, bombing, convincing your parents that this will pay off someday, sacrificing friendships and relationships, self-doubt, self-hate, selfishness, being broke.

FOH:  You’ve done some podcasting work, and podcasting has become really popular these days.  Do you ever worry about oversaturation of that medium since there are so many comedy podcasts out there?

NG:  Yes, there are too many comedy podcasts. That’s why we try to make ours stand out.  We tape our in front of a live audience.   And we are one of the only podcasts with two female hosts.  We also both work really hard. That’s a huge part of it.


Nikki doing a promotional photoshoot for Last Comic Standing

FOH:  Can you see yourself doing a satellite radio show at some point?

NG:  Absolutely. I love talk radio.  Almost more than stand-up.  I think radio is a perfect medium for a comic.  The Opie and Anthony Show has been a huge influence on my act.  I discovered those guys when I was just starting out in comedy, and their brand of humor really steered me in a direction that I don’t know I would have come across on my own.

FOH:  Can you see yourself eventually writing a book?

NG:  Yes, as soon as I delete Fruit Ninja from my phone or when that guy who says he can get me some Adderall texts me back.


I have no idea who took this but it’s an awesome photograph

FOH:  What has been the worst experience you’ve ever had doing standup so far, and what has been the best?

NG:  The worst has probably been bombing in front of friends and family or some boy I liked.  There’s no worse feeling than when they try to make you feel better after and pretend it didn’t happen.  When I bomb, I never want to see those people again.  Ever.  The best has been working at The Comedy Cellar in NYC.  It’s the best.  I love everything about it. It’s as good as it gets.  I get to perform on shows with my heroes every night. It’s unreal.

You can catch Nikki next week at Charlie Goodnights in North Carolina from June 14th to the 17th, or check any of the links below for further information.  Also, check out her podcast at http://www.youhadtobetherepodcast.tumblr.com

Nikki’s official website:  www.nikkiglasercomedy.com

Nikki on the Tonight Show:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G6xHzXkUPI

Nikki on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/#!/NikkiGlaser

Youhadtobethere Podcast (w/Sara Schaefer):   http://youhadtobetherepodcast.tumblr.com/

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