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This is actually comedian Rory Scovel and not FOH Editor Krazy Koz

by Ryan Meehan
Mixing his spontaneous creativity and absurd view of the world, Rory Scovel is quickly making a name for himself across North America. Whether discussing drugs, politics, or life in general his infectious stage presence and engaging charisma will quickly shift the vibe of any room and place the audience in the scene of every punchline.  Scovel has opened theater shows for such comics as Louis C.K., Daniel Tosh and Nick Swardson.  And if that weren’t enough, he’s also our guest this week in 5 Questions. 

FOH:  Is there any particular type of style of humor that you genuinely don’t like? 
RS: Anything that isn’t genuine is annoying.  I like it when a comedian is putting what they think is funny out there, even if the audience disagrees.


Rory Scovel on Comedy Central’s “The Half Hour”

FOH:  What’s the most frightening experience that you’ve had as a comedian?  How about the most exhilarating? 
RS:  Driving with Andy Haynes through the Canadian Rockies while there was snow falling and the roads were covered in snow and ice.  The most exhilarating show was randomly opening for Louis CK when his opener was stuck in traffic from NYC to DC.  It was at Warner Theater and I was a last minute replacement.  Its the biggest show I’ve done and I was very nervous about screwing it all up.  Luckily the audience was really awesome and it was super fun.

FOH:  Who has been your biggest comedic influence, living or dead?  
RS: Steve Martin, Bill Hicks, Harland Williams, Todd Glass, David Cross, Patrice O’Neal, Andy Kauffman, Bill Murray, Bob Odenkirk, and Chris Gordon.
FOH:  What do you have planned for the next twelve months? 
RS: Going on the road to do shows and hopefully trying to figure out this insane world of television development.  I’m also planning a wedding.  BORING.


You can catch Rory at the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, Tennessee from June 7th through the 10th and purchase his album here through amazon.com:  http://www.amazon.com/Dilation-Rory-Scovel/dp/B005SDB7JM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1337473444&sr=8-1
Official Website:  http://www.roryscovel.com/comedy/
Rory on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/#!/roryscovel
Rory on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/roryscovel
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