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by Ryan Meehan
I’m a little behind on this one, but it’s something that I feel needs to be addressed.  Back on March 27th, (which seems like forever ago) the NFL announced who will be playing in their opening night game that will take place on Wednesday, September 5th. 
The NFL now usually opens up their season on a Thursday night in early September.  (This year it will be on a Wednesday as to not disrupt the presidential debate occurring the 6th)  They have had a pretty good strategy as of late up until this point – They usually pit either the two previous Super Bowl winners up against each other, or some combination of two teams that were in the conference championship the year before.  The team that is the most recent Super Bowl champion gets to host the matchup, and receives their rings and trophy.  It makes for sort of a “picks up where it left off” mentality to it, and usually makes for high ratings and a great football game.  

But just two weeks ago, the league announced that the opener would be the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants hosting…The Dallas Cowboys?  Are you serious?  That’s all that they could come up with?  I thought for sure that it would be the Green Bay Packers.  Why wouldn’t it be?  They met in the playoffs last year IN GREEN BAY, and a lot of Packers feel that they didn’t get a good enough shot in that one, so what better way would they be able to prove themselves than to go into NYC opening night and give it their all?

I digress…let’s get to the real issue at hand here:  Why are the Dallas Cowboys playing in this football game to begin with?  Dallas didn’t even make the playoffs last year…they get to play opening night?  This is just another example of how for some reason Jerry Jones gets everything that he wants despite his lack of recent success with his good ol’ boy football team.  He HAS to be involved in every big NFL scenario, whether or not it’s best for the game or not.

And I think that’s precisely why I have such a problem with it.  Sure, a large portion of it has to do with the fact that Jerry Jones represents everything that any working class sap like myself hates about America – A wealthy Texas businessman that owns a professional sports franchise who just spent upwards of a billion dollars to build a new stadium almost identical to its predecessor right across the fucking street.  I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t at least partially from where I draw my initial ire.  But the idea that he ALWAYS thinks that the Cowboys involved in everything is great for the league pisses me off to no end.  So let’s break down why they shouldn’t:

1)  He’s Wrong, it’s not good for the league

It’s true that the Cowboys do have a lot of fans all over the world.  That stated, I know a ton of people who aren’t Giants, Eagles, or Redskins fans that can’t stand them.  They don’t want to see the Cowboys be successful for any of the reasons I’ve listed already or will continue to list here. 

2)  The Cowboys suck rhino taint at the moment

Let’s face it, Tony Romo is not nearly as good as everyone has made him out to be.  He has a bad offensive line right now, and I’ll give you the fact that he can take a hit but he still makes some incredibly stupid throws and yet for some reason gets lumped in all of these top ten and top five lists like he’s an elite quarterback.  He plays with no fire whatsoever and although most people chalk it up to him remaining calm under pressure, you’d see a lot more energy out of Quincy Carter if you stole his crackpipe. 

3)  I can name at least twelve teams that are better and more interesting than the Cowboys right now

So, they’re playing the Giants who are the defending Super Bowl Champs, so I’m willing to take them out of the race and give the other side of the argument the benefit of the doubt.  That STILL leaves…

1)  New England Patriots

2)  Green Bay Packers

3)  San Francisco 49ers

4)  Atlanta Falcons

5)  New Orleans Saints

6)  Pittsburgh Steelers

7)  Baltimore Ravens (albeit sliding off of this list at lightning speed, something that their aging defense is slowly running out of)

8)  Houston Texans

9)  Detroit Lions

10)  Philadelphia Eagles

11)  Cincinnati Bengals

12)  Denver Broncos

Now even though I gave you the Giants, that’s twelve teams that are clearly more deserving of playing in this game than the Cowboys are.  And as you well know, that’s also coincidentally the exact number of teams that qualify for the NFL playoffs each year WHICH THE COWBOYS OF COURSE DID NOT.  Just to further prove my point, I’ll go ahead and name two more teams that although would not be more deserving of the spot but might be more fun to watch fall apart:

13)  The Chicago Bears (because who doesn’t love to watch them fall apart?)

14)  The New York Jets (for the same reason)

4)  A bigger market doesn’t traditionally guarantee bigger games
I’ve been a Giants fan my whole life and being the more popular of two teams in the largest market in the country certainly hasn’t exactly helped our chances when it comes to being showcased in season openers.  This is only the second time that we’ve ever hosted an NFL season opener, the only other time was in 2008 when we beat the Redskins 16-7.  I’d also like to take a little bit of space here to bring up the fact that Washington had absolutely no business playing in that game either.  The size of the city and/or the fan base should have no bearing on which game will be the best for the fans to watch.

Fan watching

I could continue to go on for several hours on why the Cowboys should not be there opening night, but I think I’ve made my point.  I’m a bit of a slurper when it comes to the league and protecting the shield, because I want a good product to watch.  When the Cowboys are doing well, it’s good to see them on television because it’s broadcasting good football.  But the reality is, as of late they’re not helping the product become better, yet still sucking up all of the airtime.  It’s damaging to the NFL because it shows that if you have enough money you can just buy a spot in primetime even though your team blows. 

So I would like to know what you (the reader) thinks.  I’d love to see some sort of an educated discussion about this.  Please post as many comments as possible and I look forward to reading them. 
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  • The Cowboys remain the biggest NFL franchise in terms of gross revenues and the franchise accounts for 25% of all …. NFL apparel sold in North America. Hence this idiocy with regard to the league hierarchy . Goodell has been a complete “bust” since he succeeded Paul Tagliabue !

    The commissioner is an oaf , simply look at his reasons for hearing an appeal concerning the Saints’ bounty scandal and the mere fact that all of the antagonists involved admitted their guilt . Yet everyone overlooks this and m gripes on stuff that’s meaningless concerning the issue ! Apathy amongst he fans in general .

    tophatal ……….

  • Right, but gross revenues and television ratings are two different things. And since they’re going to sell so much apparel anyway, what difference does it make if they’re on TV or not? That’s the way I look at it…who cares if they sell lots of clothing? That doesn’t mean that it makes for good TV. I want to be entertained, the apparel sales is for the NFL’s marketing department to worry about.

    I doubt Goddell knew much about the Saints scandal as it was happening, and if he did, there’s almost no way to really know for sure.


  • Goodell knew enough as the investigation had been one that had been going on for over two and a half years . The union (NFLPA) had in their possession evidence of this whole ongoing mess as confirmed in the recent statements made by Scott Fujita a union rep for the NFLPA .

    As to the Cowboys it’s simply Roeger Goodell’s way of saying thank you to Jerry Jones as a way of reciprocation , as Jones was one Goodell’s biggest backers in his succeeding Paul Tagliabue . Like you I’m simply sick and tired with this crap about the Cowboys ! Romo isn’t even an top 5 quarterback and Jason Garrett would be best suited tlo coaching “Pop Warner ” football , if that !

    You were aware that both the Cowboys and Redskins had been hit with $45.5 million fine for circumventing the CBA agrreement concerning the negotiations of players’ salaries and the structuring of their contracts ? All this pertains to the uncapped year of 2010 ? So conjure up the naivete` and stupidity of the league hierarchy and how that actually makes any sense to begin with . Goodell is beginning is slowly beginning to make Selig look like someone with all of his faculties in place .

  • Romo isn’t a top ten quarterback right now.

    I like the fact that you used the word “Selig” and “slowly” in the same sentence.

  • Tony Romo will never be a top 10 quarterback ! He’s simply not got all of the traits needed .

    Mortensen and the other moronic dimwits at ESPN can continue pitch a tent in their pants every time they mention his name but the guy has yet to win a meaningful game for the franchise .

    Romo hasn’t the leadership ability , and Jason Garrett looks as if he’s coaching with the use of an Etch-A-Sketch !

    Bud Selig is a moronic a## wipe ! His contract has been extended for a further two plus years that was set to expire in 2014 ____ it that see him earn annually in excess of $20 million without incentives but yet the owners haven’t necessarily reined in their spending . Let me pose this question to you …. what do you believe to be the biggest issue now facing the game of baseball ? Take a look at the highest paid players within the game ? Do you believe their salaries are justified given the perceived return on that investment ?

    Teams at the lower end of the payroll scale have no way in hell in competing with the likes of the Yankees , Red Sox , Phillies , Angels or Rangers .

    Selig and Goodell jointly were their IQ’s combined wouldn’t probably match that of Palin’s or Paris Hilton ! Am I being overly generous there ?

  • St. Louis did win the World Series though and that’s a pretty small market. It’s a great place to get mugged though…I’ll give it that.

    I’d watch a sextape with Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin because that would mean Sarah Palin would likely get herpes.

    Anyway, I don’t really have a problem with Chris Mortensen. He’s just doing his job and at least Salisbury’s gone. You have to see the good with the bad.

    Selig’s contract might be extended but that doesn’t mean he’ll be mentally capable of performing those duties two years from now. He’s approaching vegetable status.


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