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Reactions: Prometheus and Dark Shadows trailers

This weekend brought us a full length trailer for Ridley Scott’s Aliens prequel Prometheus and a trailer for Tim Burton’s new Johnny Depp vehicle Dark Shadows.  You can toss me into the group who is excited again for the summer movie!

Prometheus – The epic scale conveyed in this trailer, I am sure is just the tip of the iceberg.  Ominous music, explosions and what looks to be an intelligent story might return us to the summers where we had the likes of Jurassic Park instead of another corny super hero film.  Ridley Scott looks to have blended the special effects with plenty of flashlight wielding suspense and what look to be some real set pieces (instead of all green screen).  This trailer has hurled Prometheus to the top of my “must see” movies for the summer.

Dark Shadows – Since the disappointing Charlie and The Chocolate Factory remake, I have avoided Tim Burton movies and it seems that most of the rest of you have as well.  I would have to say that this trailer caught me a bit by surprise as it looks to be a return to form for Mr. Burton and company.  It looks dark, funny and just the right amount of absurdity to  give it promise and kick off the summer right.  We know what we will get out of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter so I imagine that Eva Green and Michelle Pfeiffer will make or break things.  Strange to say it, I am excited again for a Tim Burton film.

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