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Survival Of The Dead (2009) – Review

survival of the dead ps - Survival Of The Dead (2009) – Review

Before Uwe Boll there was George A. Romero to remind us that not everyone should be making movies.  Romero didn’t just make one or two duds, his career is littered full of cinematic disasters so I can’t really say that I was too excited to watch his newer films.

*Warning Spoilers……….hahahahah do yourself a favor and do not watch this film

*This review originally appeared on In Place of Real Insight

Why do you have to be a fan of the zombie genre to enjoy the films?  I will start off by saying after watching this film, it is official that George A. Romero has made three of the worst films that I have ever seen (The Crazies, Day of The Dead, Survival of The Dead).  I don’t know which is worse: his writing or his directing because they both have such huge flaws to them.  I seem to be able to find more things that excite me about another series of films (The Ernest P. Worrell series) than I do any of Romero’s zombie crap passed off as good cinema.  I am not anti-zombie, in fact there are several zombie things that I enjoy which include “The Walking Dead” comic series (the show is sub standard), the movie “Zombieland” and the Resident Evil games.  They are all well done with great writing and interesting stories to go along with the slaughtering of tons of zombies.  But getting back to this rubble pile that is Survival of The Dead, I had a hard time finding anything worth writing positively about.  Just imagine a director becoming an even worse cliché of himself….if that makes sense.

The opening sequence which involves soldiers having to kill one of their own who is turning into a zombie, is one or two steps below B movie.  From the horrible cgi, to the awful dialog and cliché moments I didn’t realize that with each frame I was diving head first into a shit storm abyss of a movie.  I guess the plot revolves around two warring Irish families on a small island off of the Delaware coast.  Really?  This was the best he could come up with?  Feuding families?  I thought that fad died centuries ago.  One family wants to kill off all the people who become zombies, the other wants to keep them around in case they can find a cure.  But I guess finding a cure would involve either looking for one or developing one……neither of which happen in this film.

There are army outcasts turned mercenaries, some sort of religious subtext and a twin sister?????????? Are you kidding me???????  What a better way of writing in a new character than when you kill one-off, you dupe the audience and bring in a twin sister that was never mentioned, 45 minutes later.  The cinematic equivalent of a someone having an alien invasion movie that ends with a human throwing water at the alien and finding out that the water is toxic to the aliens, so the aliens stop their invasion and leave……I mean come on, that would never happen in a movie…….(the sound of crickets)


Someone please stop this man from making more movies.

I am sorry but there are sooooooooooooo many flaws with this piece of shit and I don’t really feel like talking about them any more because it would take me all day and 1,000 posts to cover it all.  I am really mad that I have watched another one of Romero’s movies but at this rate I might as well make it through them all.

Score: 0.0/10

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