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5 Questions with Field Trip

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In this edition of 5 Questions I had the chance to talk with Australia’s Field Trip about the difficulty of carving your own path in their home country, their writing process and much more.  Their debut Ep “Cream” was released earlier this month (and comes highly recommended by FOH) and it is my pleasure to have them for the interview.

Cal:    You guys are out of Melbourne, Australia.  Can you talk about the Indie music scene in Melbourne and Australia as a whole?  Especially for those of us who think only of INXS or Midnight Oil (or a few others that I won’t mention) when we think Australian music.  Do you feel like the scene has effected you as a band in one way or another?

FT:    The way it works is, in order to receive recognition nationally, you first have to receive it internationally. Many Australian indie bands draw influences from scenes in the US and UK.  And that’s why the scene here in Australia has always struggled to have its own sound.

Cal:    A lot of the footage from your “Give Me A Break” video  seems to be from trips to the ocean and time spent at the beach and I get a very laid back beach pop vibe in your music.  Even the name Field Trip evokes a very fun laid back style often associated with a trip to the beach.  Do you think your proximity to the ocean and being in a country that is known for its beautiful oceans has had an influence on your music?  Is it a conscious thing?  And can you shed a little light on your writing process as a band?

FT:    “Give Me a Break” is one of our fun songs, so we thought that sort of imagery would fit perfectly. And the song itself is influenced by a ‘summery’ feel. It’s not until you listen to the lyrics in the song that you realise its much deeper and more serious than that.  As for the beaches, I think Australians are very proud of their coastal locations and embrace them completely. Going to the beach is a very common thing, which is why the footage made it on to the video clip.

Cal:    It seems like our exposure in the United States to the Australian indie music scene (sadly) is pretty limited (beyond the likes of Cut Copy or The Avalanches).  What are a few bands from Australia that you feel deserve more attention?

FT:    Cloud Control, Last Dinosaurs, Bleeding Knees Club, Tame Impala, The Jezabels

Cal:    I hear a distinct 60’s pop feel mixed with a “The Lucksmiths” vibe, can you tell us about some of groups or musicians that influenced your band? (as a band or as individual members)

The Smiths, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Best Coast, Yuck, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart,  Girls, The Drums.

Cal:    You released your debut Ep Cream on February 14th, what else is on the horizon for Field Trip in 2012?

FT:    We basically want to get the word of the EP out, by doing shows  and what not. Then we plan to have a break where we can get back into writing new material and planning our next release.



  • You can download their debut Ep “Cream” here – Link
  • Their Facebook page – Link

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