Attn: Korean Film Lovers

A newly announced partnership between Google and The Korean Film Archive will be bringing 70 classic Korean films to a Youtube channel.  The films will be available in May and have been described as Video On Demand (aka it will cost something) but the pricing has not been announced.  The Youtube channel can be seen here Link.  A few films have been listed and I will keep you updated as the full list is rolled out:

List via New Korean Cinema

  • The Flower In Hell (Shin Sang-ok, 1958)
  • Aimless Bullet (Yu Hyun-mok, 1961)
  • Mother and a Guest (Shin Sang-ok, 1961)
  • Coachman (Kang Dae-jin, 1961)
  • Barefooted Young (Kim Ki-duk,1964)
  • Woman of Fire (Kim Ki-young, 1971)
  • A Woman After a Killer Butterfly (Kim Ki-young, 1978)
  • People of Ko-Bang Neighbourhood (Bae Chang-ho, 1982)
  • Hwang Jin Yi (Bae Chang-ho, 1986)
  • Our Joyful Young Days (Bae Chang-ho, 1987)
  • General’s Son (Im Kwon-taek, 1990)
  • Sopyonje (Im Kwon-taek, 1993)

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