thunderbaygrille - RESTAURANT REVIEW:  THUNDER BAY GRILLE 02/09/12

by Ryan Meehan

Thursday night it was Brittany’s birthday so being the gentleman that I am I decided to take her out to Thunder Bay Grille in Davenport.  TBG is off of 280 out by the industrial park and is known for their seafood and steak.  The hostess showed us to our table and walked us through an area where they had a giant television playing “Chopped” on the Food Network, which just so happens to be a staple of Britt and I’s relationship.  So they had me feeling everything right there, and we were seated in a comfortable area where we could have a romantic dinner. 

Here’s a breakdown of what the restaurant was able to do for us in every category.  And remember, we here at FOH aren’t real stoked about giving perfect scores to just anybody, so please keep that in mind. 


Atmosphere:  9.6/10.0

I had originally called and made reservations two weeks in advance, so they were able to get us seats right by the fireplace.  They weren’t super busy and the people that were there were on their best behavior.  Here’s a little tip for anybody who runs a restaurant:  If you’re charging a fair amount of scratch for people to eat there and you have patrons who are loud for an extended period of time ask them to leave and never come back.  They may be upset but trust me:  In the long run it will be great for your business.  Nobody at this place fell into that category.  Usually any eatery with a bar and/or a lounge (this establishment had both) on any given night has someone at the bar yelling and screaming about some sports related issue.  Not here.  There were a couple of guys drinking but they were just sitting at the bar minding their own business watching basketball.  And on a Thursday night I always assume there’s going to be a few individuals who’ve decided to tie one on, but I didn’t even see anybody so much as step outside to smoke a cigarette. 


Food:  9.4/10.0

The food was great, portion size was very hefty and we left with plenty of leftovers.  Only thing I noticed was that the breadsticks were a little bit more delicious than the bread rolls, which was a tad odd but they serve this apple butter sauce type of dip with them that would make pretty much anything delicious.  (Maybe they could produce tubs of that on the side and offer before they brought the bill?)  The steaks were awesome, and I got the shrimp scampi which was I don’t believe was battered in any beer and I liked that.  I only received three of them but seriously, with quality being that high you’re not going to get a whole skewer with a steak and a side of mashed potatoes for under twenty bucks anywhere.  I’d be interested in what type of breading they use to do that. 

Drinks:  8.7/10.0

The drinks were a little pricey, but we discovered this new cocktail called the Pineapple Pick Me Up.  It’s Absolut Vodka, Cherry Juice, Red Bull, and Pineapple Juice.  The serving size isn’t grandiose, but I could see how if it was you’d be three sheets to the wind and that’s probably not the best idea for anywhere that’s less than a half a mile from the interstate.  The only thing that lowers the rating was there was maybe 6/7 ounces of a mix in a martini glass for $9, and when you figure in the tip that’s pretty much a ten dollar drink. 

Service:  9.8/10.0

The service was amazing.  While my girlfriend was making a phone call, the server came over and asked me what the occasion was, then informed me that since it was her birthday they would be giving us a complimentary ice cream sundae.  That’s pretty cool.  Our server’s name was Natalie and she gave us plenty of time to order and more than enough privacy while still providing us with everything we needed.  Awesome.  Here again, the only reason it wasn’t a 10.0 is because I’m not a movie star and they wouldn’t trade my autograph for the bill.  But that’s the one and only reason. 

Price:  8.8/10.0

The price of the food was very reasonable considering all of the work that goes into it.  The price is very comparable to that of a Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse and of course way lower than a dinner at Steventon’s.  (But what isn’t?)  We ordered sirloins and potatoes which were of average price, but it looked like there was several lower priced options on the menu such as the chicken dishes.  The burgers were about ten or eleven dollars (and I’m sure they’re delicious) but why anybody would go into a place like this and get a burger is beyond me.  Total with tip was eighty bucks, but anymore if you go to a bar and buy several rounds on anybody’s birthday, you can get to $150 awfully quick so it wasn’t bad at all. 

Overall Score:  9.1/10.0

It’s very hard for me to give any restaurant higher than a 9.5 because as stated earlier I’m not famous so I don’t eat free anywhere.  To be brutally honest, there’s no way anything we review is going to get a ten, it’s just not happening.  But Thunder Bay Grille comes highly recommended – you won’t be disappointed one bit and if you live in the Quad Cities area, check them out:


Thunder Bay Grille

6511 N Brady St Davenport, IA

(563) 386-2722

Official Website:

On Facebook:


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  • Chicken Marsala was horrible!! Brown gravy on a none season chicken Brest is not how this dish is made . You guys need to YouTube this !!! Everything I’ve had was wonderful besides this dish . Let me cook for you guys one night and you shall see .

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