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Promising New Band – Invalids

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Attention Math Rock Nerds, this album is for you.  Invalids – Eunoia is a 10 track album filled with finger tapping madness,  a.d.d. melodies and tons of guitar wanking (in a good way).  Some of the guitar work on here is simply mind blowing and I have heard my fair share of finger tappers which can get old really fast.  On top of it are solid songs that actually have some catchy parts that will stick in your head.  Eunoia was self-released on Jan. 31st. and is available for purchase at the Invalids Bandcamp page.

R.I.Y.L. – Maps and Atlases, Victor Villarreal, Tera Melos

Listen (I highly recommend checking out “School Social”)

  • You can purchase Eunoia at their Bandcamp page – Link
  • Invalids FB page – Link

Bonus Video of Invalids mastermind Pete Davis practicing “School Social”

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