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by R-Mizzle
Whuzzup?  Dis week we be comin atcha live stylee wit sum threadz dat would be classifide unda the subcatagoree “Supa Fly”.  Dat’s because da Supa Bowl is in less den won week and you know we gots ta stay fresh!  To alla mah Brooklyn homies – Da Giants be heded to da big won unda da slick skillz a won Ely Maning.  Dat homeboy kin take a sirius shot and get it dun in da prosess.  An whatchoo kno?  Tom Brady be bak up in dis once agen, like his fif time or some-in.  Dat dude win Supa Bowlz like Quincy Jones win Grammys.  So fa da onlee game dat mattaz, yous gotta pe prepped so FOH got you dis week in our Supa Fly Supa Bowl edishun!!!
Here what da official flare lid be lookin like fo da game itself:
Awfly boomin’.  Wonce I see dat Lombardi trophee it gets my blood boilin ya know what I’m sayin?  Like da first time I seen dat movie Belly, hella eye openerr.   
So lez get y’all set up fo da big game in style, first wit da Big bad men in blu dat be comin fo you: 
Dis sez “Fowty-Nynerz bewair” we iun da big one now.  Got much boast.  Giants hafta have sum slick threadz that can hang wit da Pats, and dis whazzup right Here!!! –
Fo real, da toppa dis hat look like da top of da newspaper, so I wood say dat it would be da new york times edishunn hat, but den afta we bruned dat blunt we sed “Hey, why can’t it be Da New York Tynes Lid, since that muthafucka be kickin us in to da playoffs yet agen!!!”  So it stuck, we rote it on a rillo so hopephully we’ll be abull ta transfer the data witout it gettin loss…


Dat dude in da background be all like "Get yo dumbass outta here yo…"

Bonuz Analyziz:
It lookz like dat Poppa Jon’s place be givin away free petezzas al truout da game.  Dat grub be straight dumpsta joos.  I don know bout you, but I woodn’t eat dat shit if ya put a gun to mah head.  (An if I foun out it wuz mah gun too begin wis, dats jus hella messd up you’d be takin a muthfucka’s strap jus ta make him eat carbored wit motzerrela.  You’s trippin…)  An if you do hafta orda a petezza pie, don’t orda dat shit for haftime, dat shit’s alwayz late an dis year you gon end up bein stuck wit no petezza at all lissnin ta Madanna prance around da stage at half-pass deaf tinkin she gunna “shock da world” wit her staje show.  Can’t truss it. 


Mah homeboy tellz me dis pic oldah den Farris Byoolah's day off, but he don kno dat manz werk schedool.

Da Patriotz dun been hear befo so it ain’t like dey noobs a whateva.  Dis shit be comin straight from da NFL Shop so bow down!!!  U kno I be fukkin witchu go out der and stickit to da man. 

Da Pats have jus whatcha need ta keep ya whole dome unda AFC control in won singal thread:  Da Conference Champions Knit Hat is hexadope.  Pepp dis: 

Das gon keep you fly AND poppin’.  And lass but deffinutlee not lees we gots da boldfase lettrin’ dat wuz the shiznit bakk in da erly nyneteez.  Pleez Hamma don hurt ’em!  LOL…  Throwbakk!!!

pats 3

You pickin’ up what I’m layin’s deeyawn cuz?  I’z juss kiddin’ ain’t a muthafucka in Americuh dat ain’t hearin’ dat.  Y’all memba all da nyneteez, Papaboy doin’ da ditty an riddim bein a danca?  Sheeit, nowday da economee so bad riddim is prolly a strippa two hahaha. 

As fo da game itzelf?  Sheeit…Ain’t no thang no matta who winz.  Da importunt ting is sense you be rollin wit FOH, y’all kno exaktly howta stay hype fo all da Supa Bowl parteez.  If ya muss kno, I gots da G-Men by fo, witch iz the same numba a bitches I be leavin wit once dat whissle blowz. 
Once agen tankz fa visitin FOH fo da illest threadz on da face of da earf. 
Much luv,

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