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Cal’s 5: Great Movies Set on Trains

There have been many great movies that have short action sequences that take place on a train (several Bond movies come to mind) but what are some great movies that take place primarily on a train?  Here are 5 that I enjoy.

Transsiberian – 7.5/10   Smuggling drugs is never a good idea, especially when you are doing it in Russia. This movie follows a married couple (played by Woody Harrelson & Emily Mortimer) as they venture across the Russian tundra by train. They end up making the wrong kind of friends on the train and it all falls apart from there. There is enough intrigue and mystery to keep you locked in to the whole movie.

Darjeeling Limited – 8.0/10      Wes Anderson could make a movie about paint drying and I would still watch it.  This story follows three brothers who haven’t seen each other since the death of the father a year before.  They decide to travel across India by train in order to try to bond again.  As to be expected from Wes Anderson, the scenes, people and train all have his eccentric flourishes and this cross country train ride is a really fun trip.

Source Code – 8.0/10   Director Duncan Jones’ follow up to his amazing debut Moon with another slightly less, mind trip movie.  The film revolves around the main character Colter Stevens (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) who is trying to find out who caused a catostrophic train crash.  A majority of the film is spent on the commuter train as Colter is run through the “recreation” of the moments leading up to theactual crash in an attempt to find the culprit.  He races all over the train and from person to person in attempt to make a difference in the outcome.  There are several layers to this film and don’t let yourself become to comfortable with any moment because it is bound to change!

Murder On The Orient Express – 8.5/10    I love a good murder mystery and when you add the setting of a train to it, I am sold.  A star studded cast including Sean Connery, Ingrid Bergman, Anthony Perkins, Vanessa Redgrave and the stellar performance by Albert Finney as the detective set this murder mystery apart from the rest.  The plot is simple:  A murder takes place on The Orient Express as it rolls along on its 3 day journey, there are several clues left behind but can the detective solve the case before the train reaches its destination?  Just when you think that you have it solved, there is another curve ball.  Great job by the brilliant Sidney Lumet

Strangers on A Train – 7.0/10    One of my first Alfred Hitchcock movies was a doozy.  Granted this movie has the least amount of time set on a train but its central plot revolves around a plan hashed out on a train ride.  The slick little movie is centered around a tennis star who wants to divorce his wife and a stranger he meets on his train ride.  The stranger named Bruno devises a plan where they will both murder the other persons “problem” and no one will be able to trace the murder because they seemingly are unrelated and they do not know each other, besides their chance encounter on the train.  But as in all good thriller movies, nothing goes as planned.


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