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As each week goes by the Fox network proves to me more and more that they cannot put together a solid hour-long show.  I didn’t get a chance to get through the pilot episode of HBO’s Luck so my write up will be included in next weeks TV Fix.  I am guessing there will be a few shows added to the “flatlined” section as well which is perfectly fine with me with all the good shows coming back in the coming months.

Beware of spoilers

Trending Up  (aka a really good show)

Justified (FX) – Art really took center stage in this episode as we saw him evolve into a different guy than we knew him to be with his treatment of a man that killed one of his colleagues.  This episode was less Raylan centric as his relationship with Winona is starting to take form again, but I have a feeling that it isn’t going to last.  The new bad guy with the guns up his sleeves, is building up for one heck of a showdown with the Kentucky law enforcement and I am curious to see how Boyd will fit in to all of this madness.  Such a great show!

Archer (FX) – This show continues to be funny, yes crude but funny none the less.  Cyril as a field agent adds a nice spin and provided some great moments to contrast H Jon Benjamin’s over the top antics as Archer.  The latest episode, a take on “The Most Dangerous Game” had Archer shouting “Eat a dick” several times.  Never thought I would hear that on a television show, but in all reality I shouldn’t put anything past this show.

Australian Open – Men’s Final (ESPN) – A match for the ages and lasted almost six hours, too bad someone had to lose.  If you aren’t following Men’s tennis shame on you because you are missing some of the best of the sport harkening back to the days of Sampras and Agassi or  Conners, McEnroe and Lendl.  Tennis coverage on TV has always been strong and this match was no exception, but this time they had the product on the court to match the coverage quality.  Time to start tuning into Men’s tennis again because with Nadal, Djokovic and Federer playing great you will get an amazing Grand Slam final every time.

Holding Steady

Big Bang Theory (CBS) – One more crummy episode like this week’s “Flags” episode and BBT will be moved to trending down.  It is time for them to wrap up the Amy Farah Fowler story arc because she is just there for cheap gags and isn’t making Sheldon’s character any more interesting.  That really is where this show is treading water, with secondary characters that lack depth (Bernadette, Amy Farah Fowler) whom they spend too much time on but they are so shallow that you feel yanked from the flow of show every time they are on screen.

Touch (Fox) – The pilot for Touch starring Kiefer Sutherland showed us that Keifer still has his acting chops but the show may lose its appeal very quickly.  An hour-long feel good story can only go so far as the coincidences of the interwoven “connections” can make your roll your eyes instead of feel good.  I also don’t know how long they are going to be able to continue with a show where one of the lead characters doesn’t even talk.  The second episode isn’t on till March (which is a head scratcher) but I give this show 2 more episodes to pass my final judgement.

The Simpsons (Fox) – Even an average episode like Sunday’s “Moe Goes From Rags To Riches” is better than the last few seasons and that is a sign of a changed show.  The episode was about Moe’s bar rag……yes you read that right, it was the journey of his best friend, a bar rag.  The Springfield locale were sprinkled throughout history as we saw the many different shapes that the rag took including a tapestry and the show was more of a break of the every day Simpson family life.  The strong point of the episode was when Millhouse finally stood up for himself and told Bart that he was sick of being his whipping boy.  It is good to see character growth and I look forward to the rest of this season.

Trending Down

Alcatraz (Fox) – I will hit the magical 4th episode make tomorrow and I can only imagine this show will be flatlined on next Sunday’s list.  I don’t know which is the worst part of the show: the irrational behavior of the actors or the flimsy premise that the show is built on.  Each episode is spent chasing down one of the Alcatraz prisoners before they murder too many people.  The show asks the viewer to suspend belief way too much as the Alcatraz prisoners seem to follow every single idiosyncrasy that they did before they were in jail.  Episode 3 it was the cherry pie, what will it be next?  This plot device has grown tired and we aren’t even half way done with the season.


  • You left a “show” out that is beyond flatlined. This particular spectacle has been dead and a joke for years however every year the NFL still puts on the “Pro Bowl” and thinks that it’s a good product. I happened to see a field goal last night where all the blockers looked like they were looking for an Orlando Linx Bus. I’m sure you didn’t tune in but it needs to be stated how much of a waste of time it is and how it needs to go…forever

  • You want to know how irrelevant the Pro Bowl is? How many of them have there been? You don’t know because they don’t number them. That’s precisely how I know nobody gives a shit.

    The way the announcers were calling the game was as if it was exciting just proves how out of their way the NFL is going to somehow try to make this exciting.

    To be brutally honest with you I had considered doing a “Pro Bowl Preview” where it would be one line that read something like “Yeah Fucking Right” or something of that nature. No picture or anything. That’s because it’s generic content – styrofoam plate stuff for dumb motherfuckers.

    I gave Archer a shot and although I can’t see it as a show I would actually follow on a regular basis some of the dialogue is fucking hilarious.

    Why is Fox putting so much time between those episodes of “Touch”? Isn’t this supposed to be the new era of social media absorption where everything comes at us from every direction a million miles a minute? Five weeks is an eternity. I don’t get that. Way too lazy to Google it though.


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