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NHL – Pre-Skills Competition Tid Bits

  • After such an awful season the Columbus Blue Jackets got a great piece of news today when they were informed by the league that they will be hosting next year’s All-Star Game.  Maybe now they can start building a team worthy of having at least one All-Star selection! – Link
  • There are some rumors flying around of a mega trade between the Canucks and the Ducks.  The trade would have the Ducks sending Corey Perry to Vancouver for Cory Schneider, Mason Raymond and Keith Ballard.  Yes, Ducks netmider Jonas Hiller is having a career worst year in net but he still has an above .900 save percentage and not the real problem with the team at this point.  If this trade is completed, I would say major win for the Canucks and head scratcher for the Ducks.
  • The Chicago Blackhawks certainly got older in the trade for Brendan Morrison but I don’t know if they got any better.  The Hawks front office must think that the team needs some leadership on the ice because Morrison isn’t the same player that he was in the early 2000’s. – Link
  • On September 15th the current CBA is set to expire and with what has transpired thus far, things are looking like it is going to be a nasty fight.  The latest comes from Jason Spezza when he made comments to reporters at the All-Star Media Day Link .  It seems like the NHLPA is trying to get out in front of this thing with some posturing but the bottom line is that the NHL cannot afford another work stoppage.
  • The NHL Awards will be in Las Vegas again this year.  Hopefully they don’t let Jay Mohr come back and we all remember this mess – Link

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  • If you look at a map and see where a majority of the professional hockey teams in America are, it makes a lot of sense to put the All Star game in Columbus because it’s surrounded by areas that are crazy about hockey.

    Jay Mohr has no business hosting any sports awards show anywhere unless it’s for sailing, but then I would just be pissed and wonder why there’s a sailing awards show. Hopefully I’m not the only one who thinks the awards show thing is about ten years past being completely out of control. It used to be a yard with a nicely landscaped fareway, now it’s an unmowed mess with thistle plants everywhere. And for the record, this idea that each individual city needs its own Sports Hall of Fame is obscenely stupid. I don’t care how big your city is, there’s no excuse for that.


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