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Hot Fitted of Da Week: 01/25/12

cardshat - Hot Fitted of Da Week: 01/25/12

by R-Mizzle
Yo dog, since we last served ya bakin the rock’s been thru some crazy shit, ya know what I’m sayin’?  Not ta worry doe there be plenty a hot fitted stylez blazin’ thru to bring tha fresh to you.  We gotz a new featured site taday dat ya just can’t miss if ya wanna stay all up in dis.  Check out some of da mad threadz they gotz availabul at da Hip Hop Closet!!!

Ain’t dat sick…?  In udder wordz, if ya don’t know, NOW YA KNOW!!!

Wherr wuz I?  Oh yeah, it’z been sum time since we lass done spoke, and much love ta all mah peeps in da Lou as da St. Louis Cardinals won da World Seriez!!!  Hear dat?  Championz, dawg!!!  Ta be fair, I gots to give ya da linkz fo boaf teamz:

Feelz good ta be kang, dudn’t it?   But not ta be leff owt…


Dey even gots dose in redz and bluez so you can show ya true colorz eider way, ya feel me? 
Me personally, I alwayz have had mad luv for da moviez.  When a muddafucka get off work afta a long fowty owa work week, you gots to wanna just chill wit cha girl and watch a flick a two.  Wonna da longest runnin franchisez in Hollywood be da Batman seriez.  E’rybuddy luv em some Batman!  Me, I gots dat evil presence up in da craw of mah ballz, so I luv da Joka. 


Ain’t dat hella slick?  Suckz bout mah homie Heath Ledga dyin at such a yung age when Lil’ man had such raw talent.  At leas he got ta fuck dat Jennifa Anistown befo he went ta be wit God.  Don’t get a muthafucka wrong, I hope ta be chillin wit da creata wonna deez days, but today ain’t dat day!  Dis MC be da baddest writa ta get behin a keyboard since da first Gulf War and I ain’t gon die no time soon yo. 

An last but not least, we know e’rybuddy wuz streesin out cuzza da basketball lockout, so we gots ta get you ya caught up on da court.  Da NBA be crazy, Kobe be gettin divorced, LeBron be gettin married, da 76ers be good?  (Whaddafuk, ddawg?)  Like I sed, life iz crazy sumtimez.  Y’all read comicz?  I dun did when I wuz a yungsta, and dis nex seriez a lidz be Comic fresh…like Marvel Comicz dat is!!!


Ya kno what dey say…supaheroes befo hoes!!!  Da NBA has come back ta save da sportin world from da doldrumz a winta and deez hatz be just da right tempatyur a freshness ta make you hot fitted enuff ta melt da ice ya walk on!!!   

Alla deez threadz be availabul at da best online site fa da set dat getz her wet…  As fo me, da Supa Bowl is comin up so I gon be sippin on so much sizzurp a muthafucka gon be thinkin I dun be livin at IHOP!  Shit, ya kno I just be playin witchu.  See ya nex time!

So once again thank for visiting First Order Historianz and gettin’ some knowledge dropped on ya ass. 

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