by Ryan Meehan

After a tough loss at home for the Eagles, quarterback Michael Vick had some strong words for NFL officials about the lack of roughing the passer flags that have (or haven’t) been thrown his way. A lot of people hate Vick, and I’m personally not a fan either.

But he does have a point.

Like him or not, you have to call the game based on the way the rules are written. It’s not a popularity contest, and if it becomes one, than the rule book holds no weight. That’s when guys start throwing punches and the quality of the football you’re watching declines. In this case, Vick later softened his stance on the officials, but he still brought up the fact that guys are getting popped pretty hard after the whistle, even if the quarterback is still in the pocket.

That said, there was lots of positive excitement that happened on the gridiron this week. Let’s look at each game:

Bills 34, Patriots 31

Okay, so I was really wrong about this one. It turns out the Bills are impressive, just like it turns out that the Patriots are “starting” to really, really have some problems on defense. I haven’t thought that the Patriots’ defense was top 5 or even top ten for some time now.

To make matters worse, I thought Chad Ochocinco’s pathetic attempt at trying to make a catch that was a sure touchdown simply added insult to injury. So far this year, Chad’s left Cincinnati, bitched about stuff on Twitter, signed with the Pats, bitched about some more stuff on Twitter, said he didn’t understand the offense as well as he should, logged off of Twitter, virtually ignored during preseason and 1st three games, logged on to Twitter, and then logged out again. In other words, NOTHING that he has claimed to still be has been proven on the football field. He had his head up his ass last year, and he isn’t catching the football this year. He’s on a team that’s more than a contender which is the whole reason he wanted to leave the Bengals in the first place. But now that he’s here he’s got an issue with the way the system is run, AS IF ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY ARE GOING TO CHANGE IT FOR HIM? Not to rain on the guy’s parade, but I think everybody knows his best years are behind him just like Terrell Owens’ best years were behind him when he left Philadelphia.

Buffalo came back from 20 down in this one, which is a bigger deal since it is the Patriots. The 15 game losing streak doesn’t make it a bigger deal, but the fact that they didn’t pack it in against a team like that does. Still too early to see if they are for real, but this was a huge step in that direction.

Giants 29, Eagles 16

Wrong about this one too. New York has a new go-to receiver in Victor Cruz. Vick bruised his hand and was getting chased a lot due to some very nice work in the Giants secondary making sure that nobody was open. Eli looked very good here as well.

Dolphins 33, Browns 17

Reggie Bush gave another really explosive performance getting a whopping 24 yards on an additionally whopping eleven carries. But who’s going to care about Miami, especially now?

49ers 13, Bengals 8

When I was a kid, we went on a weekend excursion. I’m not proud of it, but basically what happened is my head got stuck in between two iron poles on this decky thingy, and a couple of dudes from the local fire department had to come and pry me out. And on that day, I scored just as many touchdowns as the Bengals did in week three.

Lions 26, Vikings 23

Man, the Vikings are in trouble. They are BY FAR the worst team in that division and it’s not even close. They BLEW this game after being up 20 and let Matthew Stafford pass for 378 yards in the process. I like the fight out of the Lions, but I have to see what they look like when they play some of the better teams on their schedule. Hard to believe they didn’t win a single game just a few years back.

Titans 17, Broncos 14

Great, another week where I have to hear about Matt Hasselbeck. It might be the last though, WR Kenny Britt is out for the year.

Panthers 16, Jaguars 10

Here’s an interesting stat from this game: The Jaguars fumbled five times but didn’t lose any of them. Gotta fall on that football…Cam Newton wasn’t Mr. Flashystats but he won, so now he has that under his belt.

Bucs 16, Falcons 13

I’ve been trying to come up with a more sensitive way of wording this, but Atlanta kind of sucks. So far they’ve been beaten by two very overrated teams (Chicago and Tampa) and in their most recent outing they were ran pretty much all game long. The Falcons should be great…on paper. Maybe Atlanta is one of these teams that’s full of “fantasy” guys like Gonzalez and Ryan, but in reality they’re just an 8-8 team. But maybe Tampa is too…

Ravens 37, Rams 7

Still no explanation for the Ravens losing to the Titans the week prior. Rams looked like shit in this one. I don’t get it…they just can’t create any kind of turnovers. In a city full of people who are great at stealing things I’d think they’d force thousands of turnovers per year. Plus, as fans we’re not paying nearly enough attention to defenses who can maintain a high CPFDS. (Carjacking Per Four Down Set)

Chargers 20, Chiefs 17

ESPN showed a clip before the Monday Night Game where Matt Cassel was sitting on the sidelines and failed at putting a baseball cap on, which I thought was really humorous. That sums it up for Kansas City so far in 2011.

Raiders 34, Jets 24

This one I was on the fence about all week. If there was ever a team poised to make an upset bid, it was the Raiders going into this game. They were at home, they had that awkward advantage of playing on what’s basically a baseball field, and Rex Ryan’s Jets gave up 234 yards rushing on the ground. Darren McFadden is leading the league in rushing (It’s fair to use that stat: it’s been three weeks and the kid’s played incredible football) and anytime you can put up 34 points on the Jets you know Rex Ryan’s gameplan got worked over bigtime. This has all of the fixins for a playoff rematch, and the Raiders have me believing maybe they can pull it off again.

Packers 27, Bears 17

I saw very little that I didn’t already know here. The Bears are clown shoes against every elite team. The Packers are going to score 25+ in every game regardless of what type of defensive looks they see. Aaron knows what he needs to get the win. The Bears attempted what I thought was a very clever trick play during a punt return for a touchdown that was negated by a holding penalty. Is there anybody who thinks that maybe they should have saved that for a game when they weren’t down two possessions with just a minute left? You don’t run that play now you run that play in November when you’re looking up at the Packers AND the Lions and screaming “How the fuck are we going to get back to the NFC Championship now?”

Seahawks 13, Cardinals 10

Sure. If you say so. I’m not saying they didn’t play I just didn’t see anything from it.

Steelers 23, Colts 20

Actually turned out to be fun to watch. The Colts have to know they are a lost cause here and should start Curtis Painter every week until Manning gets back, even if that is next year. On a lighter note, I’d like to wish Kerry Collins a happy 87th birthday.

Cowboys 18, Redskins 16

Before this game, the Cowboys hadn’t had a run over eight yards all year. That’s going to be a problem not just in the red zone, but also when it comes to giving their defense a breather by keeping them off the field. Tony Romo called an excellent game that was marred by bad snaps and dropped passes. None of it was his fault, but he was lucky to get out of here with a win.

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  • I don’t know if I would call the Buccaneers an overrated team. They are a young team who is learning how to win on a consistant basis and win the games they should. Last season they had every chance to beat the Falcons twice, which would have given them the NFC South title. Sunday’s game was about redemption and even though Atlanta is a mess right now, it was a big mental victory for the Bucs.

    I concur that the Vikings are in trouble. In each game this season the opposing team has schooled them with half time adjustments. Starting to wonder when Frazier’s job will be in jeopardy.


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