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Wait, Who Are These Plastic Surgery Nightmares?

nhl awards - Wait, Who Are These Plastic Surgery Nightmares?

In between innings of the Vanderbilt CWS game last night I decided to tune in to the NHL awards.  Yeah I know, huge mistake………Jay Mohr is hosting.  But in all honesty I was pretty intreagued to see who won the awards this year, little did I know that I would be tuning into a train wreck.

The most pathetic moment (besides the fact that Jay Mohr still gets work) was when two vile beasts from some reality show (i would imagine) gave out the Lady Byng Trophy to Martin St. Louis………..scratch that Martin St. Lewis.

A few other thoughts from the show:

  • Far East Movement (who performed????), you make shitty music (if that is even what you call it)  Hope you enjoy your careers at The Gap
  • Tim Thomas’ mustache is epic – link
  • Jon Hamm seemed drunk but was funny, unlike Jay Mohr.


  • Jay Mohr sucks.

    I’d also like to point out here that as far as I know, this is the only individual sport that has its own awards show. Isn’t this what the ESPYs are for? And seriously, why the fuck does the least popular sport out of the three have its own awards show to begin with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bagging on hockey but for God’s sake isn’t this just setting itself up for dead air? I don’t get that at all…

    Did I mention that Jay Mohr sucks?


  • I was going to also say “Nice Dead Kennedys reference” but that’s Plastic Surgery DISASTERS. Either way, it’s another excuse to mention DK.


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