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Race and Sports

We will continue to see people not as human beings but by their epidermal hue when major media outlets continue to draw attention to it as if it affects the way they contribute to society.  I thought part of the idea behind ending racism was to stop constantly bringing people’s attention to it (even subtly)  Case in point, an article on an NHL trade was covered this way by ESPN today:

“During his time in Atlanta, he made the team only the second in NHL history to have five black players. He also has played for the Rangers, Coyotes and Flames.”

You can read the rest of the report (which isn’t much) here – Link

Why was that sentence posted in the article?

Is this what modern journalism has become?

Why didn’t they tell us he was one of (x) people who had short hair on the Atlanta Thrasher?  That would have contributed to the article just as much.  Or maybe they could have told us that he was 1 of three people who thought that Ernest Goes to Camp was the best Ernest movie.

I am all for equality but equality cannot happen if we don’t stop viewing the world in terms of color.


  • They sure are. They have 2 contributors (mostly)Lebrun & Burnside and their commitment to coverage of the sport is a joke. No fault to those two, just fault to ESPN. They would rather cover the NBA for 24 hours a day and let us all know what Lebron had for breakfast than have solid hockey reporting.

  • Have you heard that this could all change next year? The NHL might have a contract with ESPN for next season because the Versus contract will be up.

  • I had a nice long reply for you last night but then the power went out. Summary: I hope VS. gets the NHL back and even expands that weekly lineup. They have been great to the game (though i sometimes question their choice of games from time to time). I am firmly in the camp that ESPN will ruin the telecast of the NHL if they get it back

  • To be honest, although I have no problem with VS., the NHL needs to expand to ESPN. ESPN, as embarrassing as it is to hockey now is THE sports channel and reaches the whole world. If the NHL wants to cement itself among the most important sports like football, basketball, and baseball, it needs coverage on ESPN. This means multiples games on different networks.

  • Why is anyone surprised by this ? ESPN and anything resembling journalism there is a complete joke ! Mute the sound button and simply watch the action ! Rarely do they actually report on anything without showing their overt bias !

    tophatal ,…………..

  • Fed up ? To paraphrase ……… Don King ………..” only in America ” ! Preach all this moralistic bull_hit to rest of the world when in fact this country is no better than many of those it abhors or despises . Look, if you even treat with your military vets with he utmost disdain then what’d you expect when it comes to minorities ?

    tophatal ……………..

  • Nashville = early exit


    It would be nicer to have better coverage of the sport


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