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nflbreak2 - 2010-2011 NFL SEASON WRAPUP

by Ryan Meehan

Another NFL season is in the books, and I’ve decided to take it upon myself to do a brief wrap-up of the year that had a little bit of everything for everyone. 

Biggest “goddammit” moment of the Year
When everybody had to accept the fact that Michael Vick was on fire.  I don’t think anybody saw that coming.  I didn’t.  
Biggest Surprise of the Year

Kansas City, even though I was well aware that they didn’t have the gas to keep it going throughout the postseason.  And the Patriots and Falcons both losing the first time up I was pretty impressed with that as well. 

Biggest Disappointment of the Year

This one has to be a tie between the Houston Texans and the San Diego Chargers, two teams that I have officially bought into for the last time. 

The Texans had the perfect opportunity to take over control of the AFC South this year:  It was a weak division, the Titans were a mess, they beat the Colts week one, and Jacksonville is Jacksonville.  I have a good feeling that once the Colts can get some quality defensive players in the draft and through free agency they’ll be back on top again and if Houston had one year to make a statement, this one was it.  All of this with a guy in Matt Schaub who is owned in almost 88% of fantasy leagues and Andre Johnson who is arguably the best wideout in the game today. 

The Chargers were very similar to Houston in that they had a lot of explosiveness at the QB position that didn’t translate into wins.  The Vincent Jackson thing was a huge blow, but they still had plenty of talent to win a very poor division.  Phillip Rivers is another really popular fantasy guy, and just couldn’t make it happen. 

Dishonorable Mention here would have to go to the New York Giants for starting the season 9-4 and completely missing the playoffs. 

It Finally Happened

The Tennessee Titans firing Jeff Fisher is kind of depressing because it shows that discipline is slowly disappearing from the NFL landscape and giving way to an age where high draft picks who’ve been guaranteed shitloads of money are calling the shots.  It’s you classic case of the inmates having more control over the prison than the guards do. 

A Few Things I Forgot to Mention in the Super Bowl Piece

It’s hard for me to feel bad for the 800 or so people who didn’t have seats to the game because the NFL had screwed up their tickets.  These things happen.  I also think that’s ridiculous that almost everyone all of a sudden knows one of these people, and they’ve been calling radio shows in droves.  And all of the people who said Dallas wasn’t a good Super Bowl host (citing the weather) seem to have forgotten the conditions under which a majority of pro football games are played.  And if these people are upset about the conditions with regards to the weather why did the league (likely several years ago) approve a Super Bowl in Jersey for 2014?  I’m sorry, is there not going to be falling ice by then? 

The Collective Bargaining Agreement

Even with all of the reports suggesting there is a very serious chance of a work stoppage, I can’t imagine that it will actually go down.  As stated before, I just think there is way too much money at stake here to call the whole season off.  Usually I find it difficult to side with athletes who make millions of dollars, but in this case I think the NFL does need to make sure that all of these players have health insurance after they retire.  The league makes billions of dollars and gets a slice of everything with that shield stitched or printed on it so with all of the concussion-related reports coming out on a daily basis it would seem to me that they have an obligation to make sure the players have coverage. 

Next Year
If there even is an “if” I’m sure at some point they’ll get it going.  Next year is going to be very similar to this past year due to just the general lack of available talent in the draft.  Everyone keeps on asking:  Who should get Cam Newton?  And I keep telling them:  Probably Rodney Peete’s family, but it’s not a perfect world.  I’m focusing on a couple of things to happen:  1) I want to see Baltimore-Pittsburgh on that Thurdsay night opening week because I think that rivalry is headed in the right direction.  2) Not any next morning apologies for blown calls.  Get it right with all of those angles.  No more issuing statements to franchises by saying that you’re sorry because they are going to have to work one game harder the whole season because the line judge blew it.   

Until next time…”If there is a next time…”

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  • Meehan

    A great end to the NFL season would have been having to watch Goodell and Smith fight it out to the death as gladiators on the field , armed with nothing more than a sword each . These two as_holes are about as sympathetic to me as I’d be for Bin Laden at this moment in time !

    As to the surprises for me there weren’t any as such other than the season had by the Rams and the leadership and maturity shown by Bradford ! The Chargers find ever more increasing ways of imploding and are about as desirable to watch as Roseanne Barr singing the National Anthem ! The Patriots have become too conceited under Belichick for their own good. And that’s mostly down to the coach !

    Rex Ryan is annoying as an ex wife and mother in law combined !
    And can we all agree that Jay Cutler is simply overrated ? That guy is so soft that he give Charmin tissue paper a bad name ! Warrior my ass ………… he wouldn’t last 5 minutes on a drill field with a group of Marines ! The guy is a pu_sy !

    tophatal ……………..

  • I have to say I loved the implosion by the Chargers! It was especially rewarding to see my Raiders sweep the series!

    I feel bad for Fischer, I will always remeber him roaming the sidelines with that big beard of his. Isn’t it crazy that Sloan and Fischer both made their exits this year under weird circumstances…

    I hope there’s a season next year…

  • Meehan

    So after the ‘melo trade went down it was rumored that both Stephen A Smith and Spike Lee …… simultaneously started to masturbate . However SNL’s Tracy Morgan wanted no part of it as he only whips out his meat’ when Palin is part of the news ?

    tophatal …………..

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