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La Sera – La Sera It is pretty apparent just a few tracks in that La Sera is a one trick pony much like the rather bland Best Coast.  She has a few good hooks in her arsenal with “Never Come Around” and “Hold” but this is a very homogeneous and drab album.  It never really is fun which I always thought was the point of this pseudo retro lo fi “stuff”.  A band like Tennis knows that if they aren’t going to mix up their sound much at the very least they need to write some great hooks that make you want to dance. 5.0/10

Cut Copy – Zonoscope Wait, did these guys suddenly discover The Talking Heads?  Is this the same band that put out the very straight forward (dance laced) “In Ghost Colours” ?  The dance beats and grooves are still there, but somehow they seem to have taken a sharp left turn while holding on to their trademark sound.  I imagine that this is the kinda album that The Arcade Fire attempted to make with “The Suburbs” but fell drastically short on.  The first two tracks “Need You Now” and “Take Me Over” are a great 1-2 punch with the latter sounding like it was inspired by The Talking Heads “(Nothing But) Flowers”.  Anyone else hear that? 8.5/10

Destroyer – Kaputt This album easily sounds like some of the most uninspired material to come out of Dan Bejar in years.  Maybe he has too many musical projects stretching him to thin.  I know that he claimed that he didn’t really know what the songs would end up sounding like as he piecemealed them together and it sounds every bit like a band without focus.  Lots of different ideas going on, lots of different instruments and sounds, but very few memorable moments on a mostly forgettable album.  Even on the tragically average “Trouble In Dreams” there were moments  (Foam Hands) that kept you coming back.  This album lacks even one of those moments. 5.5/10

The Forms – Derealization I have really enjoyed the 2 full lengths that The Forms have released so when I got this 6 song ep of reworked versions of their old songs I have to say that I was a little apprehensive.  All the hard rocking guts and core of the band has been stripped away from the songs and what is left is a rather uninteresting experiment.  Not even the guest vocals of The National’s lead singer Matt Berninger on “Fire To The Ground” aka “Red Gun”, could save the destruction of some great Forms songs.  What bugs me the most is that they ruined the 3 best songs on their self titled album which were “Red Gun”, “Knowledge In Hand” and to a lesser extent “Bones”  The new version of “Bones” titled “Steady Hand” still has some of the driving riff qualities but lacks the punch and hook of the original.  While the overall project isn’t bad, consider me disappointed. 6.0/10

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  • With regards to Cut/Copy rarely does a band change format so drastically and get an 8.5 from anybody


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