5 Questions Interview


By Ryan Meehan

Comedian Rich Vos doesn’t sugarcoat anything.  You may know him from his many stints on the “Opie and Anthony Show” or from his trademark style of self-deprecation on seasons One and Three of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”.  And he was generous enough to spend three and a half minutes on his Iphone to be our guest this week in 5 Questions.

1.  You’ve been sober for quite some time now. Do you find it hard to work with other comedians that are still drinking and using, and do you give them advice as to how to handle their problem, or do you just stay out of it?

RV:  Most comics don’t get high like I use to. They’re pussies, smoke crack:  Be a man. I give advice if I am asked.

2.  Do you feel being the first white comedian to perform on Def Comedy Jam has earned you extra “street cred”? And how nervous were you before that?

RV:  That was 15 years ago, so I would get the same amount of street cred as Vanilla Ice still gets. It was nerve-wracking as anything I have ever done in comedy, aside from this.

3.  I remember watching season one of LCS and being very surprised all of you guys didn’t just smack the shit out of Dat Phan. Do you think that if you or Ralphie had won that first season people would have a different view of that show?

RV:  I can’t answer this being I took an oath of silence.

4.  You’re married to another comedian (Bonnie MacFarlane)…Isn’t that an awful lot of sarcasm under one roof? And how does that work?

RV:  Well, the last thing you want to hear when you’re tonguing your spouse’s ass is her new bit on global warming.

5.   What’s coming up for Rich Vos in 2011?

RV:  Making a comedy documentary called “Women Aren’t Funny”, taping my 3rd CD, working on my golf game and not doing anymore online interviews.

Make sure to ignore Rich Vos on Twitter, which he never updates because he’s not very good at entering basic data.  You can also find him on Facebook, where he doesn’t care about you either. 


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