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ESPN becoming MTV

campaign espn cover sept08 - ESPN becoming MTV

You to can have your very own subscription to this shitty magazine that they force on you with your ESPN insider membership

The mighty conglomerate that is known as ESPN used to be a great channel to flip on in the morning before work to catch highlights and scores from the previous day.  But as with most media it has turned into one constant schlock piece.  Choosing to devote non stop coverage of Brett Favre and Lebron James and their every move and word (because supposedly that is what captures viewers) instead of spending time on the sporting events that happened the day before.  Somehow useless dribble posted on the likes of “Twitter” has become news, as if they have someone constantly trolling the internet searching for any useless quote that they can find to make into a news story.  The idea of the modern day journalist is to stick a microphone in front of an athlete enough times until he puts his foot in his mouth and then blow it up into a new story.  It is not good journalism when you are posting stories such as these:

  • Oney Guillen (son of White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen) Calls Bobby Jenks “Punk” – Link How is it that you can make a news story out of this?  Why do they involve themselves in petty name calling?  It isn’t even interesting.
  • The famous (sic) Lebron James contraction story………that was about nothing.  Link.  Once again, who cares what he thinks?
  • This is a “news” article to tell us that nothing has happened – Link
  • Oh but this is a must post – Link

I think you get my point.  I do understand that ESPN are far from the only offenders, but understand that they are the biggest fish in the pond and they lead by example.  I have spent less and less time watching ESPN, only tuning in to MLB games, Baseball Tonight and college sports.  They will continue to try to appeal to the masses with schlock like Around The Horn and Sports Nation.


  • About the only thing that separates ESPN the likes of Fox and CNN is the fact there at the house that Micky built you get to see the likes of Hannah Storm make way more sense that the stupefying idiocy of the likes of Berman , Mortense and Schlereth.

    It’s about time that they were put out to pasture !

    So that di_khead Goodell fines Favre $50,00 for not cooperating in his investigation ? How droll ! Is it any wonder Goodell waffles on more than John Kerry ? Both are as dumb as a box of rocks ! NFLPA Exec Director DeMaurice Smith is going to run rings around his ass come time for them to sit and settle the labor disputes.


  • The Yankees thing is epic…oh, man thank you so much for that…

    Yeah, I find myself guilty of some of this myself but I also find myself looking at 90% with a suspect display of disbelief as I hold my lighter up to my face.

    I actually did a piece a while back about how people badmouth ESPN, but in the past year I’ve had to endure that company going downhill.

    You know how I can tell that ESPN isn’t trying to attempt to attract real sports fans’ attention? When I watch Sportscenter and they make “pop culture” references and I don’t get them.

    It’s weird to write a piece and then go back and realize that you just wrote an article about how people shouldn’t care about a certain topic, but it happens.


  • And now with them (ESPN) having the nation’s kids firmly rooted with the National Spelling Bee I’ve got to ask will there be room for the all female Jello Wrestling League ?

    tophatal ……….

  • Oh, and one more thing: Why is there a Sports Illustrated AND an ESPN The Magazine? Can’t they make that one publication? Seems like a big waste of cologne samples.


  • Honestly I like Sportsnation, but that show is geared towards the TMZ type stuff. I agree with you on Sportscenter and ESPN news they don’t cover enough highlights, they talk about BS way too much!

    I’m already scared how this next generation is going to turn out…

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