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by Ryan Meehan

Matt Besser is one of the original founding members of the Upright Citizens Brigade.  You’re probably most familiar with him as the guitar player from “Walk Hard:  The Dewey Cox Story”.  You also may think he’s a jeopardy to society, but he thinks you’re a Wheel of Fortune to society.  His biggest influences are Jason Kidd, El Duce, and Ol’ Dirty Bastard.  And FOH is fucking delighted to have him as our guest this week in 5 Questions.

1.   UCB has been off the air for ten years.  Do you think people have kind of gravitated towards the show because it’s come to be bit of a “Cult classic”?  Do you consider it to be one?

I think they gravitate towards the show because the mistakenly think UCB stands for University California at Berkeley freshman orientation videos. Yes, we are a cult show in the sense that we will eventually kill all of our followers.

2.   Did MySpace’s people ever contact you after you did the MySpace Tom videos?  Did you at least get an email saying “Hey, I don’t really talk like that”? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXEfPFdll8Q

For realsies I did meet with them to talk about making my videos into a series but then they turned me down, and then I said “MySpace is done!”

3.   What was it like to work with John C. Reilly?

He very funny and can act his ass off but he never did tell me what the C stood for.

4.   Why can’t “This Show Will Get You High” be on any earlier?  Is the content really that intense?  And how did Comedy Central’s people respond when you came at them with that title?

We would have been on earlier but Comedy Central decided it got people too high. They were also afraid that the level of funny on our show was so high that it would intimidate the other shows on their network. Everyone reading this should program “This Show Will Get You High” into their DVRs because wouldn’t it suck if you missed out on possessing a show that could get you high. Maybe it will air next 4/20. If not you can see most clips from the show on UCBcomedy http://www.ucbcomedy.com/videos/search?q=this+show+will+get+you+high

4b. Can you score me some supercool?

Fuck no! Get your own! Journalists are always trying to get drugs off me.

5.   Could you briefly explain what is meant by “longform” improv?

You want a short answer about something long. That’s what creates “wormholes”. Long form improv is where we improvise scenes off a single suggestion that could basically be written sketches. Long form is the opposite of short form which are basically parlor games best left for children and the elderly.

6.   What’s on tap at the Besser bar and grill for the next twelve months?  Got any projects that you’re working on?

We filmed a dance parody musical called Freak Dance. Right now we’re waiting to see if it gets into Sundance. Every Thursday you can see me on the world wide web doing a show called “The Back Room” where I interview my favorite characters from the UCB Theater. It’s a on a site called www.Yowie.com every Thursday at 7 pm PST. You can interact with us via your webcam if you want but I don’t remove clothing. In fact, I put more and more layers of clothing on as the show proceeds. You can follow me at @MattBesser on twitter for updates on that show and top notch jokety jokes.

Seasons 1 & 2 of the Upright Citizens Brigade is available now on DVD at www.ucbtheater.com .  And be sure to check out Matt’s guide to anger management here: http://www.mattbesser.com/dick.php We’re going to leave you with a priceless prank that UCB played on Al Roker on the set of The Today Show.  Epic win.


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