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By Ryan Meehan

Stu McCallister is one of Michigan’s finest comics.  He’s worked with Doug Benson, Emo Phillips, and the late Greg Giraldo.  He was in the Detroit Comedy Festival this year and is part of a travelling troupe called Comics For Hire.  If you’re in the Michigan area you can catch him twice a week on the Todd Chance Morning Radio show on 105.3 FM out of Grand Rapids.  He’s also incredibly unfortunate enough to be our guest this week in 5 questions. 

1.         Who has been your favorite Midwest comic to work with and why do you work well with that comedian?

I enjoy working with Steve Iott who is also from MI. Steve has been doing comedy a long time and really knows his way around a crowd. He is quick to disarm people and can make the toughest crowd bust up laughing. His material is great, his crowd work phenomenal and he paid me a lot to say that. In all sincerity Steve has been great to me and has offered a lot of honest advice.

2.         What is your favorite comedy album of all time and why? 

I really am a fan of Brian Regan and loved his first cd. Brian is just so funny, clean, and original. I wish I was more like him. However my brain isn’t working that at the moment. Maybe one day.

3.         What were you doing at a gay bar in Chicago the other day?  In a bathroom? 

Yeah, I did a gay bar on National Coming Out day. My career is taking off. A friend of mine runs the room and asked me to come over. It was a good experience for me. People are people and we all just want to laugh.

4.         Which do you like better:  Writing or performing?

I think I prefer writing to performing but you need to get onstage and do it. Sometimes the simple nuances of facial expressions or inflections will make a mediocre joke great. 6 of one and half a dozen of the other I guess.

5.         What do you have planned in the next 12 months for your comedy?  Any releases or important gigs lined up?
This year is going to be really a turning point for me. I might be touring more than ever before or I may be asking people if they want fries with that. I’m looking forward to the opportunities that will come from my own shows and touring with Comics for Hire.

Check out Stu at www/facebook.com/stu.mccallister

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