Joan of Arc – Meaningful Work 7″

Joan of Arc has a new 7″ titled Meaningful Work due out on Polyvinyl Records October 15th.  This is the first release with the new “power-trio” JOA lineup and is sure to be madness.

In the words of Tim Kinsella:   Peak Oil! Environmental Devastation and mass species die-off! Resource wars and economic collapse! Even we first-world bohemians are feeling the pinch. Joan of Arc has had to tighten its belt as we all have. Who can afford a second drummer, a vibraphone, a cellist, post-production processing? The songs are the same. I sit on my couch and play guitar and sing. But the production values have been restricted. And as a result, for the same amount of sonic information to get across we each have to work a little harder. This is the Joan of Arc of the new dust-bowl daze.

Pre-order here – Link

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