Cal’s Picks: Finishing Out The Year – Part 1

We are almost done with 7 months of 2010 and with my favorite “first half” music list behind me I thought it was a good time to discuss some of the things that I am looking forward to finishing out the year with.

Mad Men Season 4 (don’t read if you are still catching up) My excitement for this show is at a near frenzy because tonight we see the results of last season’s shakeup.  Will the new agency be successful?  Is Betty actually gone?  Please no more Duck & Peggy…..Please – Link

Fallout New Vegas (PS3, Xbox360, PC)  Yeah, I have to admit that I have put a ton of time (over 80 hours the last time I checked) into Fallout 3 and this game looks equally as amazing and October 19th can come fast enough.  More exploring, more shooting, more bad decisions to be made and overall just more fun.  How can you not be excited about this game? – Link

The Walking Dead on AMC October is shaping up to be a great month.  A great comic that I have been raving about for awhile is finally going to see the television airwaves.  I have been checking the official AMC site daily for more pictures, videos and anything else I could read about to get my fix.  I have faith in Frank Darabont and from the latest preview that I have seen, I have every reason to have faith – Link

Piranha 3D Yes I have a soft spot for craptastic b-movie aquatic madness.  Movies like Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and Dinoshark are formulaic and simply awful, but my brother and I sure as hell enjoy the ride.  The 3D thing is a gimmick and a tired fad but this movie’s suckage should be amplified by the pop out of the screen piranha.  Circle your calendar for August 2oth. – Link

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Pt. 1 I have to admit that I found the ending to the last book to be a let down but it didn’t ruin my overall experience of the series.  The movies have been better and better with each installment and the final 2 part film looks to continue that trend.  If you have not read the books, do yourself a favor and start because it is one of the better more wholesome experiences in the last 10 years.  Hits theaters November 19th – Link

Michigan State vs. Michigan Football October 9th can’t come quickly enough as my Spartans travel to Ann Arbor to take on their rival UofM.  This could be the third year in a row for a Spartan victory over the skunk bears which is a huge feat.  Could this be the swan song for Dick Rod?  Can the Spartans contend for a Big Ten title (not likely but without Ohio State on the schedule this year it is a reasonable pipe dream)? – Link

Land of Talk – Cloak & Cipher I have been pumped for a new full length from Land of Talk and from the sound of the first single “Swift Coin” this is going to be another solid release.  On the back of their 2009 “Fun and Laughter” Ep, the band has been road warriors and putting out a steady stream of new music to keep the avid fan (such as myself) happy.  Expect great guitar work and lots and lots of hooks!  Due out August 10 on Saddle Creek – Link


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