Ahhhhh Lego (Mini Figures Blind Box Series 2)

I was a huge fan of Legos when I was a kid, hell I still dig them.  Recently they decided to get in the “blind box” business with a collection of 16 different figures in “blind bags” so when you plop down your money you have no clue what you are getting.  Most of the figures in Series 1 were pretty sweet including a Zombie (yes i said zombie) a Robot, and a Caveman among others.  Recently Series 2 was announced and among them was the fella pictured above……..WOW.  Yes folks, that is a Mexican.  I am blown away………..

Series 1 Lineup – Link

Series 2 Lineup – Link


  • Legos are awesome.

    When I was younger I used to put all of the legos from the different sets together and make sports stadiums. Super fun. And a lot more colorful than lincoln logs.

    It’s a great toy to get kids excited about math instead of meth, and great for the budding architects of tomorrow.


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