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by Ryan Meehan

I listen to a lot of sports talk radio because it’s my business. I enjoy the pace of sports talk because they don’t get into politics and just focus on sports.

The commercials on the other hand, don’t. I understand that they need to pay for ads to get them the airtime necessary for their shows. But man, are these ads ever preachy…One 30 second spot that sticks out in my mind is a spot featuring Gen. Colin Powell, one of America’s genuine four star shitheads.

The spot starts with a “reporter” walking around asking adults questions on the street regarding children. “Excuse me, can I talk to you about kids on drugs? Kids killing kids? Kids in despair?” and then runs clips of different people explaining why it isn’t their problem. At the end, one of the answers was “I’m not a parent” and then General Dickbag chimes in and says “WE’RE ALL PARENTS”.

Attention to parents:

No. Absolutely not. We aren’t all parents. I have NO responsibilty whatsoever to do anything at all to enhance the life of your children. I refuse to be held accountable for your poor decision making skills. If you wanted control of something and you couldn’t handle a kid, you should have just purchased a dog.

You have no right to shift ANY responsibility from yourself on to me. You have no right to tell me that I need to go out of my way in my already busy day to try and help your kid with ANYTHING. That’s why there are teachers, counselors, and other professions like that. I sell cell phones, I’m not going to clean up after your mess. EVER. I didn’t fall asleep on condom day. HOW DARE you try and manipulate what little free time I have.

And how dare you try and spin this around on me like I’m persecuting you, when I’ve had to fill in for you at work on numerous occassions because your little runt is “sick”. Nobody’s persecuting you at all, they’re just calling you out because you have abused your priviledge and have become a charity case.

Look, I know that we can’t do anything about the kids that are already here. But seriously, can’t we just take a few years off and not have children for a while? What this would do is it would give us a chance to put this massive, disgusting, and completely uncalled for population explosion on hold for a while. Which might give an actual shot at fixing problems like poverty and disease.

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  • Ravenation LLC

    It starts with what’s taught to the kids in the home and then in school. I know of the saying it takes a village . But we aren’t in the bush …… this all comes down to accountability of the parents. ]

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