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F-U Conor Oberst

You have become steadily more irrelevant as the years pass and with your new “anti-Arizona” song, you have finally disappeared.  Joining with such idiots as Zack de la Rocha and Micheal Moore, Conor is making a stand against the Arizona law which requires law enforcement to uphold our nations laws be checking someones “legality” if they suspect they are not a legal citizen of this country.  What next Conor and Co., are you going to claim that the doorman who checks your ID at a club “to make sure you are of age” to be ageism profiling?  If not, then explain to me the difference.  Explain to me why you are against the government protecting our citizens.  You should be proud to show someone  your drivers license or passport because you are proud to be a United States Citizen…….but we all know that this is the crux of it….you aren’t, you are instead filled with guilt.  Guilt for things that you have not been part of, but somehow feel responsible for.  I am not calling for a boycott of your shitty music because we all have the freedom in the country as tax paying citizens, to make our own decisions.  I am also standing up in support of Arizona SB 1070.  Lets get back to worry about protecting ourselves and our interest and stop worrying about hurting peoples feelings.

Read the law for yourself – Link

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  • Immigration affects all of us. A couple of things: First of all they are illegally in the country. That’s all you need to know. Who cares about their rights if those rights are being falsely obtained?

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