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4 More Records you won’t listen to (but should)

When most people think of Genesis they think of Phil Collins and the pop blah of “Land of Confusion” or “I Can’t Dance”.  What they tend to forget is that Genesis was Peter Gabriel’s band in the 70’s and they wrote some great records…..

Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Double disc releases (yes I know cds were not around when this first came out) are always a bold venture and usually are filled with only one disc of decent songs.  The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway is the quintessential double disc set with its prog rock flavor in tracks like “Back In N.Y.C.” or grand epics such as “The Chamber of 32 Doors” this record hits on every great note.  This album really allowed Peter Gabriel  and Steve Hackett to take the reins and write a masterpiece.)

Connie Price & The Keytones – Tell Me Something (Lots of people flock to Galactic shows but on many levels Connie Price & The Keytones are an equal if not better listen.  Combining the sounds of live instrument funk/hip hop with the Emcee skills of Percee P and Aloc Blacc among others.  These songs are decent on their own without vocal stylings over them, but what you notice is that they don’t have the same impact or replay value without them.)

Karate – Some Boots (Hoards of people who would brand themselves as “Indie Rock” fans have not heard one of the best things to come out of indie rock in the last 20 years.  Geoff Farina, Gavin McCarthy and Jeff Goddard fused together their jazz roots with a refreshing rock sound to create a hook laden, vocab expanding, ear worm filled album.  Songs like “Airport” with Geoff’s guitar line as slick as a lullaby, eat away at your heart and soul with each note.  Put the disc in, spin the first three tracks and if you are not hook you are not human.  This was my favorite record of 2002.)

The For Carnation – S/T (The post-Slint group for Brian McMahan, this record really takes the intensity of Slint, slows it down, adds a whole lot of darkness and spits you out.  Hear me when I say it “This Album Is Scary As Hell”.  If you don’t believe me put on “A Tribute To” and turn off the lights.  But this album isn’t just some dark Type O Negative wanna be, it has layers of sadness dripping with pain….just check out “Moonbeams”.)


  • I was a big fan of Some Boots when it came out and it’s in my top 3 of Karate records. Solo Geoff Farina live was one of my favorite shows to date. I knew Sebastian wouldn’t be able to refuse The For Carnation mention. I haven’t listened to the s/t record in a while. Thanks for the reminder. Nice Type O Negative reference in a TFC review.

  • I’m not sure that all Genesis records aren’t good. Obviously the Peter Gabriel stuff is best, but it’s all way over average


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