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dave bishop 2006 july - 5 QUESTIONS WITH DAVE BISHOPby Ryan Meehan

Dave Bishop is one of the rawest comics that you will ever hear. His style makes him feared in the dark halls of the Manchester comedy scene. He is currently on the Stand-Up Records roster and is either probably getting his liver repaired or tearing a new hole in his liver with the great Mark Hayden. “I say inappropriate things to strangers. If I wasn’t on stage I would probably be arrested. Where is the justice?”

1.First and foremost, what misconceptions do you think American comedy fans have about British comedy? Do you think that people get the wrong impression about it and just assume you’re all going to be like Russell Brand or Jimmy Carr? And what would you want Americans to know about British comedy?

I’ll tell you one thing – if I had a 1000th of Russell Brands female fans I’d have no problem with what people thought of me at all! I’m not realy sure what misconceptions people might have – I know girls tend to like the accent. I think a lot of the UK guys don’t do themselves any favours so many jokes are very specific to a particular geography – we even see it in Manchester – another London comic talking about the tube. It’s just not relevant. I think like anyone you’d want people to know that it didn’t suck.

2. You’ve been known to follow Bill Hicks’ twelve principles of comedy. If Bill were alive today, what do you think he would have to say about some of these younger comedians like Dane Cook that are constantly ripping off people’s shit and putting out sub-par comedy? Do you think he would place the blame on the “comic” or the low intelligence level of the populace that attends most of those shows?

I mean you could probably replace Carrot Top or Gallagher from the old Hicks bit’s with Cook and it would pretty much be what you’d think he’d have thought. Strange thing about Dane a lot of the US comics I know say he’s not actually all that bad when he is not stealing which makes you wonder why he does it? Maybe it’s a confidence thing. At any time I would imagine there are only ever going to be so many comics who would even want to be playing “enormodomes” so I guess that he is serving a purpose there. I’ve only been to see comedy in an arena once before and it had a strange quality to it – none of the intimacy you’d get in a club, or even a theatre. Just you and thousands of other people watching big screens.

3. What are your all time top five favorite comedy records and why?

I guess this is probably an interchangable list and would vary depending which day of the week you asked me but at the moment Something to Take the Edge Off by Stanhope, Mispent Youth by Brendon Burns, Rogans Shiny Happy Jihad, Arizona Bay, any of Pyrors stuff. I’m not too sure why they are my favorites really. They are all strangely the first LP’s I heard by those comics athough I’d seen quite a few of them live or watched DVD’s before listening to a few of them too. Now – with YouTube it’s such a great way to discover new interesting comics. I still think it is a shame how few of them have a record you can buy though. Another weird thing is how all of those are from the States (apart from Burns) – we’ve never really done comedy albums over here in the same way as they do over there. Bonus shout out to Dan at Stand Up Records who has produced a couple of these guys records and a bunch of my other favorite comedy LP’s.

4. Does the United States have any chance in hell at beating England in soccer Saturday? How bad do you guys plan on beating us?

Ha ha ha – you’ll laugh but I’m a Scotland supporter believe it or not (both parents mongrels but Scottish) so I’ll be cheering for the US tomorrow. Dempsey is one of my favorite players right now – he’s scored some amazing goals this year. If his goal against Juve had been scored by Robinho, Messi or Ronaldo people would be having serious “best in the world” conversations. The problem with the England team is it’s all based on hype. Personally I can’t think of a weaker team they’ve ever taken to a major tournament.

5. So what’s up next for Dave Bishop in the year to come? Will you be releasing an album or visiting us in the States anytime soon?

I’m hoping for both – I love the States – but visa are hard to come by!

Bonus Question 1: What do you think it more important: Having great storytelling abilities or just delivering killer punchlines?

Being funny is always most important how you get there – not so much really.

Bonus Question 2: What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had onstage?

Oh god – I remember doing a gig in front of a girl I’d broken up with that day – it was rough!!!!

Check Dave out on YouTube and visit his website at MySpace Comedy: http://www.myspace.com/davebishopcomedy

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  • Meehan

    I’ve never seen Bishop but I went on youtube and saw some of his stuff. He’s brutally honest and damn funny .

    Comics I like ……… Jo Koy , Paul Mooney , Joe and Guy Torre , Bill Bellamy , Dave Chappelle and Chelsea Handler.

    Chappelle talks about weed


    Best African American comedian alive bar none ! Paul Mooney. He use to write for Pryor the Wayans and a slew of others.


  • Word. Bishop’s stuff holds up I’m sure Europe is a tough audience.

    And such an easy guy to do an interview with man.


  • I should mention that since he didn’t pick a Pryor album, I will. That album is “Bicentennial”

  • Ryan

    Vince Young has began to prove what I’d thought all along . Tries to act mature but has the mind of a crack head and the intelligence of Rush Limbaugh !

    Let’s see what Goodell will do about this situation as Young was the originator of the melee’.

    Just because someone allegedly says that the Longhorns suck he goes ape s_it ? What an a_shole this guy is !

    Get some of your boys to check out my site and let me know what they think ?

    If you love your women hot then this ought to be for you .

    Something I Thought I Ought To Share Amongst Friends & Acquaintances !


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