Club 8 – The People’s Record (Quick Hit)

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Cal favorite Club 8 released a new record last week (at least in Sweeden) titled “The People’s Record”.  Said to be inspired by 70’s Western Africa and South American music, Club 8 are stepping away from their wispy pop music into percussion driven, head bobbing, upbeat wispy pop music.

Karolina Komstedt still sings as if she is wrapped in clouds and guitarist Johan Angergard writes licks with the utmost pop precision, but the big difference is that their sound is a lot more percussive and upbeat from start to finish.  Take “Shape Up!” which from the opening guitar lick sounds like a classic afro-pop song, but takes a whole-body-jerking shift to a traditional Club 8 pop song with its chorus.  The whole body jerk is so refreshing because they pull it off so seamlessly.  Making every move in and out of their new found sound as if they have been playing this way the whole time.  They also avoid the pitfalls of afro pop music, which tends to drone on well past the 10 minute mark, by only eclipsing the five minute mark once.  Take the opener “Western Hospitality” which finds its repetitive groove early and is layered with several harmonies but it avoids the tiresome monotony by wrapping itself up in under four minutes.  What a perfect formula.

You would do yourself justice by ordering this album due out in the states on May 18th.  You will be hard pressed to find a record as fun and interesting elsewhere this summer and maybe even this year.

Score – 9.0/10

Listen – Club_8-Western_Hospitality.mp3

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