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Hyper Crush - 5 QUESTIONS WITH HYPER CRUSHBy Ryan Meehan

Los Angeles trio Hyper Crush is all over the place these days. They have a hit remix of Drake’s “Over” that is tearing up the dance charts as we speak. (You might remember Drake because he closed the 2010 Grammys with Eminem and Lil’ Wayne) They are throwing a release party for the video of their track “Keep Up” at LA’s famed Roxy on the 21st and they also had great seats at a recent celebrity boxing match where former Headbanger’s Ball host Riki Rachtman got his ass beat. Luckily for us, they put down the power glove long enough to be our first Universal Motown Records featured artist this week in 5 Questions.

1. What’s the biggest difference between the way your music is received in the United States and how it is received overseas?

HC:  Dance Music has been mainstream for a long time now in Europe…We were performing in front of a lot of people and they were super open and into what we are doing…

2. Has there ever been any sample from a video game that you haven’t been able to use that you really want to use?

HC:  No, we use whatever we want and worry about the consequences later…

3. What do you consider to be the most important 80’s accessory?

HC:  Joey Buttafucco Pants

4. Could you tell us a little bit about the track you are working on most at the moment?

HC:  We are finishing up a collaboration with Diplo that we are stoked on. And have about 15 brand new songs ready for the new album.

5. What do you guys have planned for the next year?

HC:  We are about to put out a few new songs followed up with the Album…Hopefully shoot another video for our second single…

Make sure to check out www.hypercrush.com for tour dates and downloads.

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