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As a Giants fan, I’m very familiar with life in the NFC East. My team started out 5-0 last year only to get their heart ripped out by, oh, pretty much everybody from that point forward. It’s probably the single most competitive division in any of the four major sports. (Five if you count professional hammer throwing)

Easter evening I was alerted by the news that the Eagles had shipped Donovan McNabb to Washington for a second round pick (No. 37) and a 3rd and 4th rounder in 2011. Now this is exciting for Redskins fans who are excited about new coach Mike Shanahan and the addition of Willie Parker. (who fled the Steelers due to the fact that Ben Roethlisberger’s locker was next to him and he feared that he would either be raped or die laughing because Big Ben looks so much like Bluto from Animal House) There are more reasons for Redskins fans to be excited this offseason as opposed to the last several ones.

But seriously, can you actually see the Redskins making a playoff push? I can’t. That division is Dallas’ pretty much for quite some time and a team like Dallas isn’t scared of a team like Washington. And, do you really think they’ll ever get their money’s worth for Albert Haynesworth?

And while I’m discussing the Redskins, does anybody else in here remember which division Mike Shanahan was coaching in when he put a saddle on John Elway’s back to get two Super Bowl rings? The AFC West. That doesn’t mean he can coach in the NFC East with the strength of the other three teams in that division. I didn’t think it was smart for him to take this job because whatever “legacy” he had might look a lot less spectacular after he blows this franchise to shreds.

Back to McNabb: Anyone who is saying that they aren’t showing respect for him for trading him to a division rival clearly has not been paying attention to the Eagles franchise. They haven’t respected him since he threw up on the sidelines of Super Bowl 39. When they drafted Kolb everyone knew he was the QB of the future, and when they were willing to risk all sorts of negative publicity because of the circumstances and STILL signed Michael Vick anyway, they did it because they knew McNabb had durability issues. He is injury prone and his career in Philadelphia was coming to a close anyway.

What I’m saying is: I’m not at all shocked by how they got rid of him or any of the details like that…He had to have known this was coming and AT LEAST they didn’t trade him to the Raiders. That would have been way more insulting than what they actually decided to do.

I was on Twitter right after this happened and I was kind of shocked by how some users thought that the draft picks the Eagles acquired were insufficient.  I wholeheartedly disagree.

The most important thing to remember about McNabb’s situation right now is that he has Zero trade value after this.  Personally I thought Philly got more out of the Redskins than other teams would have been able to offer.

Furthermore, if a team IS only asking those draft picks you’re gonna close the deal, you’re not going to mention that they can probably get a first rounder out of it, especially when management has finally decided to cut the umbilical chord.

And for the record, since November of 2002, McNabb has had a broken thumb, shoulder tendinitis (twice), a chest contusion, a rib contusion, a sports hernia, torn right anterior cruciate (knee), and a broken ankle.

Donovan McNabb will (at best) continue to be average to slightly-over-average but that doesn’t mean the Redskins are going to the playoffs by any means.  They have to have somebody to block for him because he’s not as quick as he once was.  Just Ask Jason Campbell about his now former “offensive line”.

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