While I was out (Oscars, Movies, Baseball & More)

I am still about a week to a week and a half from being back to full-time at FOH (in the process of a move), so I wanted to take a quick moment to write about a few things that have caught my attention, bored me to death, excited me or have left me confused.

  • First off, today is the day usually reserved for Oscar reactions, but frankly I didn’t watch more than a minute of them this year, mostly because I didn’t care (and there was an exciting 11 inning Vanderbilt baseball game that I was at).  Why didn’t I care?  Well let me first explain that, yes I was excited when they expanded the Best Picture field to include more nominees but all the build up just showed us that it was a sham.  There were only 2 movies that were even considered for the award, “Avatar” and “The Hurt Locker”.  If only 2 were even considered by the Academy voters, then why does it matter if you nominate 10 or 10,000?  In my opinion, the best film of last year was “A Serious Man” and I could name at least 10 or so more that I would have picked before either of those films.  Secondly, the Academy Awards have become more about style rather than substance.  We spend more time talking about the fashion (who cares) and each individual film (why do we need a lengthy recap of the best picture noms?)  than we do hearing from the actors/actresses, directors etc. whom have all put their heart and soul into each one of these films.  Those are just a few of my reason, but I think you get my point.

A few thoughts on the actual winners and awards from the evening:

  • Why was this a race between Avatar (should not have been nominated) and “The Hurt Locker”?  It would have been nice not to have any press influence and actually have the voters sit and enjoy the films without any bias.  Avatar seems to have been nominated on the premise that it was “something brand new and innovative”, but based on that premise, shouldn’t “Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow” have been nominated a few years ago?  Avatar was not bad, but far, far, far from Best Picture material.  As for “The Hurt Locker” it seems that it ultimately took home the award because of all the political implications.  Lets see: War Movie, Check. Woman Director (honestly gender nor race should never influence a vote in any way), Check.  Adverse environment (the directors former husband took a sweep at the Golden Globes).  These are all great criteria to vote for a movie…………….oh wait…….
  • And the Life Time Achievement Award goes to Sandra Bullock………..oh shoot, I meant best actress.  I forgot that they don’t ever give out an award based on a body of work (rolls eyes) instead of the actual performance.  See Tilda Swinton for “Michael Clayton” or Denzel Washington for “Training Day”.
  • At least Jeff Bridges won for a brilliant acting job in so-so movie.
  • How did “The Cove” win Best Documentary?  This was an average movie that tried to justify one criminal act (the slaughtering of dolphins) with another criminal act (breaking and entering a restricted area to film part of the movie).  Was I the only one who didn’t see it as a slight moral issue to be making money on this film by charging people to see it in a theater or on dvd?  If the goal was to bring awareness, wouldn’t it have been better served on PBS where potentially more people would be seeing it?

Ok, enough about the Academy Awards.

  • Watched the premiere of Parenthood (you know, the show they were ramming down your throat during the Olympics) and thought that it had potential but it was littered with bad writing and bad casting.  Dax Shepard and Craig T. Nelson need to go because their bad acting overshadows the great stories being built by Monica Potter, Lauren Graham and Peter Krause.  I will give it two more episodes.
  • The 10-1 Vanderbilt Commodore baseball team finally cracked the top 25 (at least at Rivals and USA Today/ESPN).  Long overdue (I am a season ticket holder and avid fan so you will probably hear a lot about Commodore baseball) – Link, Link
  • Early season player of the year for the Commodore baseball team has to be Taylor Hill (3-0 with a  1.35 era and 17 k’s in 20 innings)who has out-pitched two highly touted pitchers Sonny Gray and Jack Armstrong.
  • The Crazies” (which I saw because I like Timothy Olyphant and I was hoping it would be a good suspense/horror movie like “The Mist) was a little disappointing considering the ending was a complete cop-out.
  • In other Timothy Olyphant news, “Justified” starts next week!  I think this new FX show about a U.S. Marshall looks great.  Set your DVR for Tuesdays at 10 est.


That is all for now, I have a ton to do still.  I hope to get to another update later this week.



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