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Movie Review: Shutter Island

  • shutter island poster - Movie Review: Shutter IslandI made the mistake of using prior to seeing the film to see what the general consensus was on Martin Scorcese’s latest.  DO NOT SKIM THE ROTTEN TOMATOES’ REVIEWS IF YOU DON’T WANT A SPOILER.  Some douchebag critic on there prefaced his review beginning with “I don’t think it’s much a spoiler to say…” actually, guy, it was a gigantic spoiler. (Thanks to dick Matthew Sorrento)
  • Performances overall were pretty solid.  I’ve never been a real fan of Leonardo DiCrapio, but he held his own on this one.  Ben Kingsly too.  Like me some of that Mark Ruffalo eye-candy…
  • Makeup and visuals were excellent.  Really set an overall dark atmosphere.
  • Character dialogue and character building also good.
  • Music created a great sense of suspense throughout the film
  • Portrayal of symptoms of psychosis were somewhat accurate-reminded me of Jim Carrey in “The Number 23” somebody was doing their homework.
  • I do think this is a movie better seen in the theaters than on video-the suspense and the foreboding doom is heightened and I don’t think it’ll have the same effect once out on DVD-even blu-ray
  • The ending did provide a M. Night Shamalama-esque feel to it.  “The Sixth Sense” isn’t really remembered for anything but the fact that it provided a twist at the end.  No moral or conclusion…I get the sense that others will have similar sentiments towards this film
  • I think everyone would agree that “Shutter Island” is by no means Scorcese’s best.  As a horror/suspense film alone this movie is fantastic, but attaching Martin Scorcese’s name raises the bar quite a bit.  Not to be ranked among “Goodfellas” or “Raging Bull” but worth one of the 10 best movie oscar noms this year.



  • Let it be a little lesson to you — if you see the word “spoiler” in a review, stop in your tracks. That way if you disagree on the point, you won’t end up whining and namecalling. BTW — avoid bullets in film commentary. People want to read prose, not your laundry list.

  • Thank you oh so much for your “little lessons” to us. Where would the world be without you? I’m sure glad you managed to find us. You must be very busy and was disappointed when you found your name on our site only to see that we trashed you. Here is your original text: “[I]t’s hardly a spoiler to know that this pseudo-reality is really an overblown fantasy, Scotch-taped together into a storyline.” It was hardly a spoiler?!? That is basically the entire fucking plot line.

  • BULLET #1: Let it be a lesson to you, you can’t just toss the word “spoiler” into the middle of a sentence & expect people to stop dead in their tracks and not finish the sentence.
    BULLET #2: The point of my review was to get to the nitty-gritty of the film, not to write a novel.
    BULLET #3: THANKS FOR THE CRITIQUE OF MY MOVIE CRITIQUE-I’LL REALLY TAKE YOUR SUGGESTIONS INTO CONSIDERATION. Spoiler! I’ll actually keep doing my thing-but you can keep ruining movies for everyone else.

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