Cal's "New Release" Picks

Cal’s New Release Picks 2/16/10

51Ggm PAOfL. SS500 - Cal’s New Release Picks 2/16/10

A sleeper hit from 2009 released this week.


51Ggm PAOfL. SS500 - Cal’s New Release Picks 2/16/10

Black Dynamite (2009) – This movie never saw wide release but I had a chance to see it at the local art house theater here in town and laughed from start to finish.  A spoof of the 70’s action films, or blaxplotation satire, that is not as corny as Airplane but similar in style and delivery.  This is a great film and great buy…..”You Bet Your Sweet Ass…And Half A Titty”.


51pnfnd72wL. SL500 AA240 - Cal’s New Release Picks 2/16/10

Field Music – Measure I have already reviewed one of the better releases of this week Local Natives, but my excitement for a double album from Field Music takes the cake.  After a brief solo record break the brothers Brewis are back sounding more mature and confident than ever.  Doubt me, then check out “Clear Water” or “Share The Words” and you will be convinced.

Video Games:

61gNI7AmCYL. AA280 - Cal’s New Release Picks 2/16/10

Aliens vs. Predator (Xbox360, PS3, PC) This game looks bad ass on several levels giving us the opportunity to be Colonial Marines, Aliens, or a Predator and the carnage will ensue.  It features a story mode and multiplayer with online support that is sure to be a riot.

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