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Awesome new MLB data tool

Brewers - Awesome new MLB data tool

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has posted a data tool at their website that will let you search/sort any Milwaukee Brewer home run that has been hit in the Miller Park era.  For instance if you wanted to know how many home runs Prince Fielder has hit at away ball parks, with 1 out in the 3rd inning you can plug the data in to the drop down menus and away you go.

Check out the site here – Link

Here are the results of my inquiry:

SeasonDatePlayerSeason #Career #InningOn BaseOutsOpponentStadiumOpposing PitcherWin/Loss
2008Aug 01Prince Fielder23103301BravesTurner FieldChuck JamesW

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  • That’s tight.

    I’m not sure that I fully understand sabermetrics just yet, but this will help. And it would certainly help us at IvyEnvy


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