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The Score:

New Orleans Saints 31, Indianapolis Colts 17

The Stats:

Believe it or not, Peyton Manning was actually throwing the ball well. Joseph Addai only had 77 yards rushing, but they were all really tough yards and he ran the ball with purpose. Manning doesn’t throw a lot of interceptions but when he does they’re usually catastrophic. But you have to take your chances. Their defense did do a fairly good job against the run only giving up 51 yards on the ground (which is kind of unusual for them) but their secondary is going to continue to get torched if they can’t cover better. Andre Johnson from the Houston Texans must have been drooling buckets watching the game yesterday.

The Saints put everything on Brees’ shoulders because that’s what they have been paying him to do. And he owned up big time. 32-39 and 288. That was easily by far the best non-300 yard performance ever by a quarterback in the postseason, let alone the Super Bowl. Reggie Bush was a non-factor as I had expected. I think they need to trade him while he still has a high market value. Colston had a bad drop early on, but that will eventually happen. The kid is still a stud. Time of possession was almost identical, with the Saints having only a 22 second advantage there. What really impressed me was how Brees managed the game. If he made a mistake he didn’t run around blaming everyone in sight for his shortcomings.

The Facts:

I still believe Indy is the better team. No questions asked, no questions necessary. I think if Manning is only 34 years old next year, he’s got five legitimate shots left in him. The Colts really don’t have anything to be ashamed of, because although Tony Dungy built that team, Jim Caldwell was still a rookie coach. They have two great developing young receivers and I’m sure this isn’t going to be the last year they make the playoffs. That division is getting tougher, but won’t be much tougher the next 2 or three years. They’ll be back here again.

But how about the Saints? It seems almost very hard to believe. I will say this, after the pick six, it hadn’t hit me that they might actually win, but in that moment it all came together and smacked me right in the jaw. The New Orleans Saints are actually going to win the freaking Super Bowl. Unreal.

And how about that onside kick call? Most ballsy call in Super Bowl History. Can’t believe they would even consider the possibility of giving Peyton Manning a short field to work with down four points at halftime of the big one. If that play doesn’t succeed, Sean Peyton’s life changes forever, and he’s always looked at as being that guy. Incredibly risky, but it did work and it gave them the momentum boost they so desperately needed at that point.

And how about Sean Peyton? Trusting your number one guy with everything when it all goes down, maintaining a cool head through all of this craziness, and (most importantly) practicing the principles he preached to his team all year long. An excellent guy to have in charge of your franchise. An A plus for the job he’s done since the second he walked into that locker room. He’s made a lot of “OK” players into “really good” players and it shows. This Super Bowl win is just the culmination of all of the hard work he has put in there the last four years.

And what a ride this Tracy Porter kid has had. Picking off Brett Favre and kicking him out of the playoffs two weeks ago, and then doing the same thing to Peyton Manning in the game to end all games. Crucial.

The fans have the right to be drinking heavily and partying it up down there. They’ve been through a lot of bullshit with the hurricane and even worse, they have to admit that their city is the backdrop for the A & E series “Steven Seagal: Lawman”. That’s a feeling nobody should have to go through. I urge Saints fans to enjoy this one, and have themselves a Lombardigras of a hullaballoo. Party on, Garth.

The Year in Review:

Overall the NFL did have a pretty good year. Michael Vick came back and there was no real dangerous protests as the fine folks at PETA had promised. Plaxico Burress is in jail which is always good. Commissioner Goddell has really been able to sweep this labor thing under the rug, even though a lockout is completely unavoidable at this point. No one still wants to give Donte Stallworth a job which I also find hilarious. The league looks very respectable from most angles.

But in honesty, this post 2011 lockout is going to happen. Everything I’ve read about either or both sides tells me nobody’s budging at all, which will really suck for football fans. I was 8 years old when the lockout went down in 1987 and even as an eight year old, I still thought the scrubs were schmucks. I think Commissioner Goddell is going into this the same way he goes into fining someone for an end zone celebration. He seems to be very condescending and labor unions don’t buy that shit at all. The guy is just short of bringing in a rattle and a bib and handing them to the union, and they’re going to rock his world when he finally does. This IS NOT over and it has me very worried. I don’t want to see any sort of shortened season, and at the time where the NFL is killing it and making crazy jack while doing so I can’t imagine they’d want to suffer the lack of revenue they might potentially incur. And you know how the NFL loves money.

So congratulations to Drew Brees and the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints. Keep watching, because it really could be anybody next year, and let’s all hope the labor issue is resolved.

Once again, thank you for your continued readership and make sure to keep coming to First Order Historians. I’m going to take a couple of weeks off, by then I’m sure I’ll be back to complaining about something. Take care…


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  • I’m glad everyone has snapped back to reality and taken down Peyton Manning from his high horse. What a choke. Congrats to the well deserved Saints.

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