Cal's "New Release" Picks

Cal’s New Release Picks 2/9/10

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My favorite movie of 2009 finally hits shelves.


51j6t6f02fL. SS500 - Cal’s New Release Picks 2/9/10

A Serious Man (2009) Somehow the Coen brothers continue to churn out masterpiece after master piece.  A return to their dark comedy roots, A Serious man is very dry and will leave your head spinning for days.  Be prepared to want to talk about this film when the end credits roll because there is a lot to digest.


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Galactic – Ya-Ka-May – A lot of you are expecting to see Hot Chip or Yeasayer in this spot but I am not to impressed with either of those releases after several weeks of listening and hey, how can you pass on a new Galactic album?  The Rebirth Brass and Alan Toussaint are among the many guests and this is a fairly solid release.

Video Games:

blaster master overdrive headed to wiiware this monday 20100206012219952 - Cal’s New Release Picks 2/9/10

Blaster Master Overdrive (Wii) A sequel to one of my favorite NES games is dropped on us without any fanfare, but the excitement is through the roof for me.  At a low cost of a $10 download on your Wii, this is a real no brainer.

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