Gut reactions to the Oscar Nominations

The Oscar nominations were handed out this week and from my gut reaction it looks a little more like crummy 2001 Oscars and less like the 2007 Oscars. (see a complete list of nominations here)

Here are a few thoughts on the field:

  • The new “expanded field” of Best Picture nominees which was increased  to 10 this year could have been a great moment for all of the motion picture industry if they would have grown a pair and added a film like “Moon” or “In The Loop”, but instead clunkers like “The Blind Side” and “District 9” were added to show “diversity”.  Yes the additions of “Up” and “A Serious Man” gave credibility to the process but we all know that this is a 3 horse race so the expansion to 10 has been a complete waste.  All that it has provided is the studios with the ability to enhance their box art with a “Best Picture” logo.  If you think that “The Blind Side” should have a chance at the award then you also think that Ernest Goes To Jail was a great film.
  • Is Avatar that great of a film to garner 8 nominations including Best Picture, Best Director and the real head scratcher Best Cinematography????  It was an enjoyable film with some fairly stale acting and a predictable resolution.  Since when does making a different kind of movie equate to it being a Best Picture?  Seems like they nominated based on style over substance.
  • Up In The Air is this years American Beauty and will be forgotten 2 years down the road.  That is probably why it didn’t receive much credit at the Golden Globes.  George Clooney’s Best Actor nomination is a puzzle considering he was no better than in his role in Burn After Reading.

In a perfect world:

  • A Serious Man will win Best Picture because it is best film of the bunch followed by Up
  • Jeff Bridges will win for Crazy Heart because he gave a perfomance of a lifetime in an average film
  • Sandra Bullock will not win for The Blind Side because she is not a good actress

I will have some more thoughts before the show airs and once I have a chance to let some of this sink in.


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