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Bulk Up Your Collection: Ingenting – Tomhet, Idel Tomhet

ingenting tomhet - Bulk Up Your Collection: Ingenting – Tomhet, Idel Tomhet

Frankly this album slipped through the cracks for me in 2009, so it is time for me to give a little love to Ingenting – Tomhet, Idel Tomhet.

Ingenting – Tomhet, Idel Tomhet   (Labrador Records 2009)

Proudly announced as the only band on Sweden’s Labrador Records to sing in the native language,  Ingenting craft powerful pop songs that would have a mass appeal if they were in English (i have ranted many times about people turning up their noses to music not in their native language).  The most immediate comparison that I can make while listening to Ingenting is a poppier version of the Doves ( a little less bass heavy) mixed with a bit of Wheat loaded with catchy hooks and a nice full sound.  This is very bright pop (trying to see how many times I can use the word pop) that is borderline epic and the results will have you satisfied from start to finish.  Halleluja is the single that everyone points to as an entry for the band but to me there are several other tracks that are much stronger and I have listed a few of them below.

Suggested Tracks – Led Mig Hem, Tack

R.I.Y.L – The Doves, Malajube, Mew


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  • I think most people have considered pop to be a four letter word, while in fact it is a three letter word and I think there is a significant difference between “pop” and “mainstream”.

    There is such a thing as good pop music, it just gets a bad rap because it’s associated with mainstream acts that are poor quality.


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