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I would like to make mention of a new project from Chocolate Bobka titled “The Report” which has the potential to be a great publication which will bring us back to the great days of physical media (in a digital world).  Check out the link and if you dig, please support it and lets see what they have to offer: The Report

From the site: The Report is a new bi-annual, hand bound journal containing musings on music and culture. An outlet for work better suited for print than web, more in line with the ‘zine aesthetic than glossy magazines, The Report will bridge the gap between all forms of media (the visual, the word, and the audio). To be packaged in manilla envelopes, the Report, which will feature a plethora of young, up-and-coming artists, photographers, economists, chef’s and writers, and will come with a cassette compilation with exclusive tracks and a DVD of unreleased footage shot exclusively for The Report. The goal is to publish a cultural polaroid of a moment the only way we know how, by doing it ourselves. Contributions contain everything from a Polish Immigrants photo essay, to the Cultural History of the Koozie to an ethnomusicologists analysis of the Swamibapa Pipe Band to recipes for homemade chili and a list of the essential New Zealand Noise albums. Much like a college journal, there are no limits to what The Report will print. Choice material that deserves to be pressed in ink on paper.

The folks over at Underwater Peoples put it best: His inspiration is the same as ours; in this world of digital media it’s time to bring back the tangible, the physical, the personal.

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