Week 17 recap:

The playoffs are finally here, which is great news for me because it means I don’t have to pretend like I care about what’s up with the Washington Redskins or the Buffalo Bills.

Several teams laid down this week, and overall the games were not very entertaining. There were teams with favorable seeds clinched that got beat by some very poor teams with nothing to play for.

That being said, I think this whole talk about giving teams incentives like draft picks for playing their starters in these games is totally ridiculous. The fact that they are even considering it should be disturbing to any real football fan. And if you have season tickets, you still shouldn’t complain because that just means your team is really that good. Of all the things for the league to have to look at that’s not even in the top ten, so not sure what the big deal is there.

New England suffered a pretty harsh blow losing Wes Welker for what would appear to be the rest of the season. I don’t know that they will win if they make it to the divisional playoff week anyway.

It would have been really interesting to see what would have happened if the Tennessee Titans hadn’t lost 6 straight to start the season. Think about that for a minute.

Biggest disappointments this year were the Giants and the Steelers. Biggest surprise to me was that the Jets were able to sneak in.

Wild Card Week One picks:

New England Patriots 27, Baltimore Ravens 26

Cincinnati Bengals 28, New York Jets 19

Green Bay Packers 42, Arizona Cardinals 22

Philadelphia Eagles 34, Dallas Cowboys 21

I’m taking The Patriots over the Ravens because in the end I think they’ll have just enough offense to do it. I look for Dallas to bite it right on cue again. And I don’t buy the Cardinals or the Jets at all.

It should be really interesting to see who ends up playing the Chargers and how they will approach that task. Same thing with Indianapolis who will be plenty rested and healthy.

The Eagles just need to kick back and make Dallas beat themselves, as that usually works quite well in January. It’s a must game for Wade Phillips regardless of what Jerryworld says…if they lose, he’s gone.

Of all the teams that have a first round bye, the team I can see losing the easiest is Minnesota. Their defense has given up some huge plays this year and I don’t necessarily buy a lot of the hype around them. Adrian Peterson still fumbles quite often, and there are several different ways to beat that team.

Enjoy the games!!!



  • NE suffered a huge blow with the loss of one of the NFL’s toughest players, Wes Welker. I would have voted him the Pats MVP. Also, the news of Brady’s 3 broken ribs and broken finger on his throwing hand explains a lot about his play this season, let alone coming of major knee surgery. The only pic I disagree with you on is Philly over Dallas. I think Dallas is finally going to win a playoff game, but that’s about as far as they’re go.

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