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Cal’s Reflections on 2009, Thoughts on 2010

Another year behind us and another year of aggravating things.

Reflections on 2009

Facebook – Letting you keep in touch with all of those people who you never wanted to keep in touch with and letting you stalk all of those people who never wanted to keep in touch with you.

Twitter – Please, Oh please let me know when you water the plants, are in a foul mood, or at least let me know when you are sitting in front of the tv.  Those are all very important things that we all need to know on a daily basis.

The Powermat – So let me get this straight, your wireless device is still tethered to the wall via the Powermats cord.  Why do I need this when the ac adapter works just fine?  If you can get my wireless device to charge via the airwaves give me a call.

Up In The Air – This is the 2009 version of American Beauty.  A perfectly fine film (fine not great) that somehow wins best picture (even when it wouldn’t make most peoples top 20) and is promptly forgotten about 2 years later.

Thoughts on 2010

Global Cooling – I am going to jump on board early so I can make money on all of you suckers just like Al Gore did.

Pitchfork – Will continue their love fest with all things Bradford Cox, but this year they will take it to new levels, mating all of their entities together to make Atlaspitchhunter.  Atlaspitchhunter will be the worlds most self-serving bile which will continue to shovel shit on the masses.  (editor’s note: I used to be a huge fan of Pitchfork when they were the only source to find out about unheard of bands, but somewhere around here, things went south.)

Smartphones & Apps – Shortly after you install the “drink blending” app on your phone allowing you to blend your favorite adult beverage, there will be a suicide app that releases a toxic gas taking your life, because really……what is there after that?

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer – Will be revealed as cult leaders, thus revealing the only explanation as to who and why someone would see their movies.

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