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So Minnesota and New Orleans both lost, and Philly won their 5th straight. After seeing the Sunday Night Game I kind of have this feeling that I wish the Carolina Panthers were in the playoffs, but I’m sure it’ll go away. Minnesota appeared to be a bit disoriented. I can see Minnesota getting sent home in round 2 this year.

Philadelphia in my opinion could beat either the Vikings OR the Saints. DeSean Jackson had 6 catches for 140 yards. Everything about the Eagles looks good right now. They look fresh every week and I can definitely see they share a lot of the same qualities that San Diego does. I wouldn’t mind seeing those two teams play again in a month and a half.

Speaking of the Chargers, Philip Rivers is kind of a badass lately. I’m really starting to like the kid. He’s got an incredible arm strength, and he like to talk a little bit of trash too and I’m always for that. The Chargers are 11-3 and it’s possible they represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this year.

Dallas looks great for the moment, but they have to play the Eagles Week 17 and that might end up being Tony Romo’s reality check. Plus the Saints could have very easily came back and won that game. But DeMarcus Ware? I was pretty sure when he got popped a couple weeks ago that his season was over. Instead, he made the big play of the week that sealed a victory against a previously undefeated team.

The New York Giants got lucky and ran into a poor banged up team in Washington. They are 8-6 but hardly in the drivers’ seat.

The Packers lost a really crazy game on the road, which will happen to a guy like Rogers occasionally, but he’ll get it back in time for the postseason. But how about Roethlisberger? That’s hard as hell to make that throw with time expiring. It should be noted here that Big Ben will probably never throw for 503 yards again in his entire career, so if you’re a Packers fan you can at least find some relief in that stat.

Jay Cutler fun stat of the week: 10 for 27 for 94 yards. I can’t imagine the percentage of fantasy leagues he’s still available in.

Indianapolis did what it has been doing, winning by a hair but always winning. Their defense will need to step up in the playoffs and perhaps they could rest some of those players.

A lot of borderline teams are now out and I don’t care if the Falcons aren’t mathematically eliminated, I’m personally calling for it. They did hold Jets RB Thomas Jones to 59 yards this week and have a developing young player in Snelling, but they won’t be seeing the postseason this year. Even if they win out, they lose just about every foreseeable tiebreaker. Other teams that I don’t think deserve a trip are the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New York Jets, and the Miami Dolphins. I’d like to see the Steelers make it but they won’t and if you consider the severity of their mid-season skid, they probably don’t deserve to go either. You could say the same thing about Tennessee with what happened to them the first part of the season. And I can’t figure out the Houston Texans so they may or may not be on the list.

I would like to talk briefly about the Denver Broncos getting “screwed over” today by the officials in their game with Oakland. They deserved it. Like I said, briefly…

Every team in the AFC South except the Colts is 7-7.

Seattle HAS to fire Jim Mora Jr. immediately or it’s back to the mediocrity pool they go in 2010…Out of all of the guys in the hot seat he’s the first guy I’d toss…And that’s a division where it should be relatively easy to get to a .500 record.

Who would I not be scared of in the NFC? The Arizona Cardinals…they’re first round feeding tuna for sure…Also, the Ravens are the best team you don’t know anything about but you probably should.

Week 16’s picks:

San Diego Chargers 39, Tennessee Titans 25

Oakland Raiders 16, Cleveland Browns 13

New York Giants 24, Carolina Panthers 23

Cincinnati Bengals 35, Kansas City Chiefs 13

Philadelphia Eagles 32, Denver Broncos 27

Arizona Cardinals 21, St. Louis Rams 6

San Francisco 49ers 24, Detroit Lions 7

Baltimore Ravens 29, Pittsburgh Steelers 18

Dallas Cowboys 38, Washington Redskins 16

Green Bay Packers 41, Seattle Seahawks 16

New England Patriots 35, Jacksonville Jaguars 32

Minnesota Vikings 40, Chicago Bears 17

Indianapolis Colts 27, New York Jets 10

Atlanta Falcons 24, Buffalo Bills 20

New Orleans Saints 45, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13

Houston Texans 20, Miami Dolphins 16

The Colts will play Manning in a couple of series and then take him out, but no matter what happens I can’t see the Jets beating them. They have pretty much everything cleaned up, so it really doesn’t matter what happens the next two weeks.

Green Bay will come to play for sure this week after a heartbreaking loss to PIT. I can’t see that team coming out of the tunnel unmotivated next week. I would also guess that the Vikings will take much of the same attitude with the bad news Bears.

As far as the Cincinnati Bengals, in addition to everything else they’re going through they had a tough loss to swallow this week, but they’ll be rewarded because in the last two weeks of the season they play the Chiefs and then the Jets. So you have to believe that they can easily make that happen.

I look for the Cowboys to have a strong showing because if anybody has false hope they can catch Philly (which won’t happen) it’s those guys. The New York Giants have a little bit of hope but don’t seem to be interested in using it to play football very much as of late.

The AFC East kind of bores me to tears anymore. And they’re not so much tears of joy as they are tears of (what feels like) battery acid. The NE Patriots are showing me less and less, so I’m going to flip-flop on this and say they lose divisional playoff week. I also would say right now that I chose Rivers ahead of (but in addition to) Brady in the Pro Bowl voting because I think he’s doing a better job at this point.

The Ravens can really seal that last playoff spot if they win this weekend, but Pittsburgh is going to want to do everything in their power to make sure they play spoiler, although it may be too late with the Dolphins losing and the general stalemate of .500 clubs in the conference. I still maintain that other than the two wild cards will be whoever finishes 2nd in the AFC North and Denver.

That’s all for now so think of me saying something really tough here like…
Happy Holidays,


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