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Early Hype: Loose Lips Sink Ships

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My band to watch in 2010 is DeKalb, Illinois own Loose Lips Sink Ships.  Not since Battles stormed on the scene with their debut full length has a band energized the rather stale math rock genre.  Combining equal parts Pele, Don Caballero, Slint and their own unique flavor they are producing fresh soundscapes for all the math geeks out there.  The band has already released 2 ep’s and 1 full length, but what really pulled me in was their 2009 self titled 7″.  All three songs on the 7″ are very unique and the songs stay away from repetition, instead pummeling listeners with almost 15 minutes of non stop chord changes.  The excitement I get from listening their current catalogue coupled with the videos that can be found on youtube make them a band to watch in 2010.


You can buy their music hereLink

Check their myspace page hereLink


  • It seems as if it was right underneath my nose beckoning me to listen to these guys… coming from the school where I completed my undergrad degree, math rock, and references to 90’s Chicago Bulls in song titles. Where do I sign?

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