In Week 14 the Baltimore Ravens left in better shape than anyone: The Bengals and Steelers both lost and they took apart the Lions.

I have to give Matt Schaub from the Texans some serious (and well deserved) props here for his performance against the Seahawks. Other than that, that game was worthless.

San Diego is 10-3. Philip Rivers looks awfully comfy out there. They beat the Cowboys by more than the 20-17 score would indicate. The Chargers controlled every aspect of that game and did it fiercely.

Saints and Colts stayed undefeated, but it’s getting to the point where they have to start seriously thinking of sitting some guys after the first series.

The Vikings rebounded from last week’s loss and looked very strong against Cincy which shows me that Minnesota can really hang with the mid to top level teams, and just had an off week against the Cards…

Which is another thing I want to talk about. How Arizona just laid down for San Francisco in that MNF game. Weak. I’m totally unimpressed by their defense on every level. Lots of turnovers too (7). At some point they’re going to have to end up switching to the “left handed” playbook if you know what I mean, and since they don’t have a chance in hell to get to the Super Bowl this year I say go for it whenever. Or not. I could care less.

The Giants and Falcons won’t make the playoffs. You heard it here first. If your computer just so happens to only get this website. Either way, it shouldn’t surprise you.

The Eagles are probably better than the Vikings and I would say comfortably that they are the second best team in that conference. They might have the best receiving corps in both conferences right now. I know a lot of people will disagree with that, but trust me: It’s the truth.

Week Fifteen’s Picks:

Minnesota Vikings 36, Carolina Panthers 10

San Diego Chargers 31, Cincinnati Bengals 27

Green Bay Packers 18, Pittsburgh Steelers 17

Baltimore Ravens 51, Chicago Bears 16

Kansas City Chiefs 21, Cleveland Browns 18

Denver Broncos 37, Oakland Raiders 17

New York Jets 26, Atlanta Falcons 10

Arizona Cardinals 38, Detroit Lions 9

Houston Texans 40, St. Louis Rams 19

Miami Dolphins 30, Tennessee Titans 28

Philadelphia Eagles 31, San Francisco 49ers 24

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 28, Seattle Seahawks 26

Indianapolis Colts 39, Jacksonville Jaguars 23

New England Patriots 32, Buffalo Bills 14

New Orleans Saints 41, Dallas Cowboys 20

New York Giants 38, Washington Redskins 30

Week 15 should bring a better idea of who’s getting what seed and who can sit some guys for week 16 and 17. Philadelphia can really separate themselves from the rest of that division with a win they should be able to get in San Francisco.

I’d be shocked if Dallas could beat New Orleans. I think that secondary is going to be a little old to have to chase those guys down all night and I look for the Saints to exploit their age like they’ve found a way to exploit everything else so far this year. And Tony Romo has the opportunity to become the first NFL quarterback to lose 19 games in one December.

The Broncos will most likely hold the first AFC wild card slot, unless something very bad happens to them in the next three weeks.

Miami and Baltimore are fighting for the other wild card spot. Right now I like the Ravens to get it because they are really coming around on offense and their defense is still good enough for them to sneak into the playoffs. The Dolphins look good, although I’m yet uncertain they’re playoff good.

Keep your ears peeled for how many times ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski says “tremendous” during Monday night’s Giants / Redskins broadcast. Don’t turn it into a drinking game though or you’ll be butthoused in an hour.



  • I agree the Ravens have got it, but 51 points this week? And I also think the Cowboys defense is nice enough to hold the Saints to much less than 41 points, but their offense won’t score more than 13.

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