Real Estate – Reality Ep

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Hot on the heels of their highly praised debut full length, Real Estate give us 5 brand new tracks and 1 hard to find track.

Real Estate – Reality (ep. Mexican Summer Records 2009)

I must admit that the hazed/spaced out beach flavored music that Real Estate has released thus far has started to wear a little thin on me.  I often asked myself how far/long were they going to take this sound before becoming completely irrelevant.  Their self titled 7″ which featured “Old Folks” brought me full force into the Real Estate frenzy so I was quick to buy up the debut only to find myself coming down a little from the madness.  While the full length featured some great songs, it really didn’t do anything to expand their very narrow sound so I started to become a doubter.

The Reality Ep opens with a rather worthless instrumental “Motorbikes” and my doubt seemed to becoming true.  But hold the hate just for a second as “Basement” begins, I find the acoustic strums and pop sensibilities returning my hope.  This track never strays far from the simple acoustic riff, but with layers of shakers and slide guitar it plays on all the right notes.

“Younger Than Yesterday” is easily the strongest song among the 6 with its hard cymbal crashes and intense transitions.  Each chord during the breakdowns, nicly syncopated to the drums, has the fever of a rock song trying to break out of its pop roots.  This song along with “Basement”, “Drum” and “Dumb Luck” provide a foundation of a solid Ep and the other 2 songs only really sit in as filler.  While this is a 6 song ep, the filler songs do little to bridge a theme together and would have been better off left for a larger collection of b-sides or just completely forgotten all together.  This is the same complaint that I have with their debut full length, too much filler not enough solid work.

Once again we have a real uneven complete project, much like their debut full length.  On one hand you have some really strong tracks that will have you pushing repeat several times and on the other you have a few complete throw away tracks which make you wonder where all the hype is coming from.  Real Estate does stretch out a bit from their cramped confines and are definitely not a band that you want to toss aside just yet because I feel that they still have the potential to do great things.  At $5.50 for the digital download I would call it a wise investment.

Score: 7.0/10

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